• http://thebusride.com garbowza

    I think it’s finally time that Twitter grew up and made some changes to adapt to their huge growth. It seems that for much of their life, Twitter has been playing catch-up, trying to keep their heads above water as the site grew in leaps and bounds. During this time they made very few actual enhancements, beyond stability, and left the features and business aspect up to the 3rd party developers. Now that they are acquiring strategic companies, rolling out their ad platform, and potentially changing their feed timeline it feels they are being more proactive about their future growth.

    But clearly the biggest news here is their advertising scheme. They really need it to work in order to justify their outrageous valuations.

  • http://www.learcapital.com/exactprice gold_tracker

    You raise some good questions on the search side of the Twitter and it’s effectiveness. That was one question that came to mind as well.

    I like the marquee they have running on the sign in page and think that might have possibilities if used elsewhere on the site.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    I’m betting on “Big Yawn”. Advertisers are willing to pay for search engine traffic because the traffic is valuable — users are searching for websites that carry products/services.

    People on Twitter may conduct searches, but they’re not looking for products/services, they’re not looking for websites…they’re looking for Tweets.

    Google gets $0.10 per search, when the dust settles and the tracked results come in, Twitter won’t get $0.01 per search.


  • Wynne

    I’m betting that Twitter Sponsored Tweets will work uqite well. I am going to run some test campaigns to see if the ROI stacks up for me… and if it does I am going to keep my trap shut – lol (kidding).

  • http://www.acquisio.com poiriem

    Big yawn, I think Danny and George summarized how I feel about this. We need to see how this evolves in the future, but right now I have a lot more questions than there are answers for. We’ll see how it plays over the next few months.