• http://www.gravytrain.co.uk Matthew Read

    It is odd that Bing feels the need to take little swipes at Google, just looks petty and I’m sure Google aren’t worried.

    It would be a shame for Google to lose the Twitter data but even without it I think we could safely predict that they would still be bigger than Bing!

  • http://www.rashidsaeed.com/blog Rashid Saeed

    Search w/o Twitter = old news ??

    Bing + Twitter + Facebook < Google Search. Microsoft can buy anything but Bing won't reach the level Google has.

  • Romit Mehta

    Umm, just click on the “News” tab and you will see the tweets in Bing results. Not merged into the main search results, but available. Perhaps a quick update to that part of the post?

  • http://d3xdesigns.com D.D.

    I miss my realtime search :( I am starting to see a lot of G+ faces pop up on results though.

  • http://netboost.com.au/ N.B.

    just because Google dominates now doesn’t mean it always will. Google seems to be creating a lot of enemies – FB, Twitter, Bing etc

    There are even rumors that firefox will be switching to Bing as their default in the future.

    The truth is Bing search is great and has come a long way from msn search.

    Google can’t afford to be so arrogant in future as even giants can come tumbling down.