• http://www.geekpoweredstudios.com Guillermo Jose Ortiz

    Great article Derek. I will have to try using the ‘why register’ placement in some future projects to see how it does. The placement of it seems a bit strange as I’m so used to seeing ‘why register’ way before the call to action, but it ultimately does make sense. I’ve also had a lot of success with videos on landing pages to increase conversions. Some people are just very visual and prefer that medium I suppose.

  • http://www.komarketingassociates.com/about/derek-edmond.php Derek Edmond

    Thanks Guillermo! Appreciate the comment. I think having explanations and cross-links explaining why to register in multiple locations can make sense. In the example above, it was one more place to test and based on some of the data we had available for review.

    Great idea with video – depending on audience and market, it can definitely make sense. Good luck with your tests

  • http://www.seoinphiladelphia.com/ Bill Rowland

    I would think that this is a perfect example of something apparently so simple being overlooked by so many. Derek, thanks for including the specific improvements because it’s really helpful to see what you were able to accomplish in each situation.