• http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    Good stuff, Eric. One point that I think you hinted on, but which I’m surprised isn’t covered more, is the effect certain links have on a site over time (even outside crawl considerations). It appears that links need to “age” in order to pass the most of their potential equity. Aged links work best.

  • http://sqwibble.com David Smith

    In future when I get asked in future why links to clients websites aren’t showing up straight away when they check, even though I was “supposed” to have magically improved their rankings within weeks (even though I always say it could take months before any real improvements are seen)…

    This post will save me a lot of time going on the same old stuff, thanks Eric.

  • http://www.webscenemarketing.co.uk Mandy Cochrane

    I wish I’d read this a week ago – I parted company with a client after repeatedly failing to explain to his satisfaction why our link-building strategy wasn’t having instantaneous results. Thank you – I will certainly use this as a useful resource in future!

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Great post, Eric. As with many other aspects of life, people respond differently to hypothetical situations than to those same situations in real life. So many times we’ve had clients say: “I understand it will take X months to see results” during the sales and discovery process, only to ask why it’s taking so long after X-3 months. Human nature, I guess.

  • http://meditationtechniques.co Harlan

    We’ve noticed lag time increase since 12/01/11. We could get posts to rank almost immediately for long tail keywords on our blog. We were seeing front page rankings in less than 5 minutes. Since 12/11, rankings for long tail keywords take a few hours.

    It seems Google has deliberately slowed the results.

  • http://skillgameshq.com S.G.

    But what if need this link to be crawled right now. I used to submit some content to sites like Squidoo or Hub Pages and mention page that links to me. Google check this web 2.0 web sites frequently, so it can find link on that page and follow it.