• Nuroongi

    What does this news have to do with search engines? Does Google involved with it make the news automatically entitled to getting featured at SEL?

  • http://www.searchsatisfaction.com jsteele823

    I wonder how it does in the dark…..

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Nuroongi, if in the future, you get into your auto-driving car, and along the way it suggests places for you to stop because it analyzes businesses along the way, that’s a search activity.

    Sometimes, things that you don’t think are search-like can turn out to be. Facebook, Twitter — we covered them early on, because they were starting to reach into search — and more and more, they’ve been part of that. Android — while it’s a mobile operating system — also plays a big role in search. Understanding it helps you better understand what Google is doing in search.

    But mainly in this case, I happened to be able to try one of the cars — there’s little to do with search, but I still figured people would find it interesting. I think we had like 10 other items that were all purely about search the day I quickly wrote this up, so I figure people will figure a little fun in the news. And yes, believe me, there is plenty that Google does that has nothing to do with search that we completely ignore.

    Jsteele, it seems to drive just fine in the dark, based on the video they were showing.