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    So, if Viglink is a big success (as they hope it should be because of their VC), then whether Google counts the links or not, there will be an impact on Google’s link recommendation system.

    If Google does count the links, and users (motivated by commission) increase links to commercial sites, this would skew Google’s recommendation system.

    Or if they don’t count links, whole areas of the web using Viglink will be disqualified from recommending sites?

    Or does Google have a new algorithm parameter up their sleeve which reduces the weight of links…(I know search people think this is impossible, but nothing is).

  • kalyankar

    Thanks search engine land


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    Not sure how this affect Google links since viglinks is using a post-processing JavaScript that changes existing href values, and only for JavaScript-capable browsers. The original links (at least for crawlers) are the same.

    Overall, this is a nice piece. I’d love to hear your thoughts on http://www.kehalim.com/

  • winnergirl

    Thank you for your article. I signed up for the VigLink report, but after I received the report I was not totally sure what they were selling, so to speak. My biggest concern was whether their affiliate program would over-write all of my affiliate programs that I had spent a tremendous amount of hours collecting and placing. Your article answered that question, where VigLink’s site did not and other articles that I read just skated right across the subject. Thank you.