• pixld

    Regarding fairness, the new algorithm seems to reference both a site’s place page and its organic ranking for a partial search query.

    For example, one of my clients, an attorney with only one office, consistently ranks #1 via Google’s AJAX results for a high-volume, locally-focused keyword, but only ranked #4 in the 7-pack. In the new layout, the site consistently ranks #1.

    Although, there are a myriad of possible causes for this jump, an interaction between the two types of search algorithms, i.e. organic and local, seems the most likely.

  • http://nigelburke.com NigelBurke

    I like your suggestion to local businesses – they don’t have to have a website but they need to consider their options. Those options are very confusing to many small business owners who are busy running their business, not trying to become the next best social media guy.

    I think Google has made a good move here because there is less map spam already and my customers are ranking better.

  • http://www.adrianeden.com Adrian Eden

    If you claim your Places page the link in the SERP goes to your website.

    I link to the Places page from client website contact pages as well.

    Nothing insanely interesting about what you said.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Adrian, I will try harder to be insanely interesting.

  • http://www.adjuice.co.uk Ewan Kennedy

    Interesting point about linking to Place Pages. Will you be making that the subject of a future post?