• http://www.googleandblog.com/ Michael Martin


    You have to ask on an update to the timeline of Bing powering Yahoo search rather than just late 2010.

    For the Windows 7 Phone does he feel showing it this early will allow Android/iPhone to easily leapfrog it by the end of the year.

    Also he stated he won’t remove the $7-25 licensing fee to manufacturers while saying there is a hidden cost to it being given away for free (Android) – ask him to elaborate since Google’s obvious cost is increased advertising exposure and perhaps personal information.

  • Stupidscript

    I would like to know: Why does Microsoft even bother with search?

    1) Their core business was once operating systems;
    2) Their core business has now evolved into productivity software;
    3) Services like search have never been their strong suit; and
    4) Both their operating systems and their productivity suites need a ton of work, but could one day re-establish themselves as the dominant players if they received the commitment they require.

    So, why did Microsoft bother to try and get into search in the first place, when (a) their infrastructure is built around software sales, not service, and (b) they have so much left to do with the products they have been selling for their entire existence?

    It seems irrational to start competing in search when the business model is so lousy compared to software sales, and when they have never been able to successfully compete in the services arena before. It has always seemed like a “ooh, that grass looks greener over there” type of mis-direction for Microsoft, rather than one that is logically inferred from their history and production strengths.