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    Finally the official version is there.

  • Pat Grady

    “You can’t change Siri from using Bing by default (or change any of the other data sources it uses)”
    When will they learn, that serving their customers, will get them farther than limiting consumer choice? Extending you biz battles to an extent that they become your product’s negative aspects, isn’t smart. Give the peeps what they want!

  • Stupidscript

    If they allow changes to Siri’s data sources, Siri won’t know how to parse the results … maybe not even know how to formulate the query. The real problem is that over-pushing Siri as a serious tool builds expectations Apple just can’t deliver on, which usually leads to dissatisfaction. Fortunately for Apple, most iDevice users cut them a tremendous amount of slack … more than any other e-product. Where Microsoft gets tons of user complaints and even class action lawsuits when something significant in their products breaks or performs badly, Apple users are quick to say, “Yeah, but it’s still the greatest thing since sliced Toast.” Whatever. You get what you think you paid for.

  • Jon

    Point is there are cheap voice recognition software out there that you can train to do a better job.

    Forcing average product down our throats with over budgeted advertising just leaves the public with scars (the iPad mini is a waste of space).

    Apple are a market leader that are stumbling to stay in front right now. The iPhone 6 better have something or Apple will drop the top spot.

    Consumer choice is what drives innovation. If you don’t let the consumer choose and simply tell them what they want, you will eventually fail spectacularly. Apple is speeding towards the cliff and the brakes are dodgy.

  • gadsdengurl

    Good lord ios7 is a mess ugly and unusable. This is a GUI faux pas on Jony Ive part

  • gadsdengurl

    Good lord ios7 is a mess ugly and unusable. This is a GUI faux pas on Jony Ive part

  • gadsdengurl

    IOS 7 is a complete disaster it’s as if someone wanted to sabotage Apple it is the most disgusting ugly unusable piece of garbage that anyone could imagine

  • Guest

    Yeah, Apple’s got to be rather desperate to want to come to Micro$oft for help… Lololololololololol, “turning PCs into tablets and tablets into

  • Renee Nicole Girard

    In Google Analytics, do Google searches using Siri come up as Direct or Referral?