• Duane Forrester

    What is it about Oregon and smart search marketing folks?!

    Great article Adam – very useful insights. Though I will admit I gave up on ranking reports about 7 years ago myself, it’s nice to see folks continuing to state this out loud and back up the logic.

    I’m saving this article for future reference. :)

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com Carrie Hill

    Great info – and very timely for me. I have a client that obsesses over the rise and fall of the site: data for his site – DAILY! One more person telling him it’s unreliable is a great thing in my book.

    I’d also like to see the day when i can stop tracking link and indexed page data in Y & G – unfortunately we spent the last 5 years training clients HOW to do that so now they’re obsessing. I guess its better than the previous years of TBPR obsession :)

    Thanks for writing this – appreicate the insight!

  • http://joblr.net Mikkel deMib Svendsen

    Adam, the problem with many of the data sets available – now and in the past, is that they are very “geeky”. They are great for the few of us that knows how to value them but close to impossible to use for the average webmaster, manager or web business leader.

    That is why I decided to invent a brand new approach to “visibility reporting” – a technology that is now US patent pending and used in its early stages on Joblr.net – a service I recently launched with my great team (some of yoy may know a couple of them: Anne Kennedy and Jamie Low).

    The great thing about the approach we have taken with this is that we are not dependant of specific data souces but can change them over time and from market to market – and still maintain a consistand (indexed on a 1-100 scale) reporting that can be used over time and bewteen sites. You can even compare sites and competitors in different markets.

    This makes it very usefull to a much greater audience than any reporting has been in the past. And if you want to know more, you can digg into the souces we used – in aggregated (scored) formats or the raw numbers.

    Off couse geeks like us will need more than what Joblr provides – but thats no news :)

    Adam, give me call if you want to know more about my patent and Joblr. Its quite interesting, I think :)

  • http://www.ioninteractive.com allenkristina

    Thanks for the great SEO checklist! It makes sense that checklists increase accuracy because they keep us on tasks and ensure we don’t miss a step!

    -Kristina, @Ion_interactive

  • http://www.ioninteractive.com allenkristina

    Very insightful post, Adam. It’s true the C-suite will probably continue to request ranking reports, and the like — this is where it becomes important for SEOs to educate. If the C-suite is on the side of SEOs, company wide support for the correct initiatives will likely follow. Thanks for the great analysis of worthy SEO tools!

    -Kristina, @ion_interactive

    (hit ctrl + c and had the wrong thing copied, sorry!)

  • http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    @Duane – I think it’s the clean mountain air! Awesome to get your feedback here, thank you.

    @Carrie – It’s funny, just because we “can” doesn’t mean we “should” yet that’s exactly what happens with this stuff.

    @Mikkel – Definitely interested to talk about Joblr and your approach to visibility reporting. I’ll shoot you a DM.

    @Kristina – Absolutely true, we need to educate and train teams, and that includes the C-level teams. I’ve found they are typically very interested in search because of its ramifications across the bottom line, so that’s a good thing.

  • http://www.seoeffect.com Keesjan Deelstra

    @Adam Interesting post! Here in the Netherlands its just the same with clients bagging for PageRank data and more stuff like that. With our online tool SEOEffect we take a different approach: instead of the dying SERPS metrics -due to personal search- we calculate ‘traffic share’ down to the keywords level. This KPI and the average mean traffic share is top KPI can help to keep track your SEO campaigns. If you are interested I can send you an invitation for the private beta. More about this KPI on http://www.seoeffect.com/blog/Two-New-Features-of-the-SEO-Effect-Keyword-Tool-SEO-KPIsBlog-title/

    @Mikel what I understand from your visibility KPI here http://joblr.net/default.asp?id=118 is that its calculated on ‘old metrics’ like SERPS, Alexa rank etc. Don’t wan to offend you but is that patent pending worth?