• http://www.letschatbusiness.net Michael Dossett

    Could this be the product & morale boost Yahoo! needs? It just may be. Direct Search is clearly an effort to make Yahoo! Search more of a destination and less of a link farm. Search is about content and information discovery, and reducing the number of steps it takes to get a user from query to information is vital.

    Google Instant was a start. It brought links faster. Yahoo! Direct Search takes it one step further, providing a richer experience and faster, more comprehensive access to answers, not links to answers. It’s early and the product is still being refined, but it has big potential.

    Great work, Blake, Sashi and team.

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    It’s good to see cool stuff coming out of Yahoo Search

  • Matt McGee

    I agree. Just started playing with it a bit, but it’s much more informative than Google Instant.

  • http://www.Match.ccom Simon Serrano

    i’m still finding it hard to believe that Yahoo would release something that COVERS the top 3 paid search ads. They must have some serious plans for paid search coming up… they must be losing tons with this now.

  • Igor

    Weird that Yahoo does recognize my location but doesn’t know that my country uses Celsius not Fahrenheit.