• http://www.quarterpie.com S.I.

    Im sure you meant to write coming Monday November 21st and not 12th.

    Bye Bye Yahoo Site Explorer!!

  • http://www.attorneysync.com Gyi Tsakalakis

    “there will likely be no search engine-provided look at your back links”

    With the exception, of course, of Google Webmaster Tools.

  • http://ahrefs.com/ A.H.

    What is the value of deleting comments, where ahrefs.com is mentioned? It is still a remaining site explorer, which people like and which is to admit.

  • Matt McGee

    Links/Comments that are little more than self-promotional in nature are almost always removed. You might read our community guidelines for more information:


  • http://theim.org jv11

    This is sad news.I have been using yahoo site explore for my primary link analysis.I like majestic SEO but kind a addicted to yaho ‘s site explorer.Time to switch to the majestic site explorer.

  • http://www.FourthFloorMarketing.com James Spinosa

    It was inevitable but it still sucks that it is gone. As useless as Yahoo search results are I always loved this tool – Google Webmaster Tools only shows you the information Google wants you to see and 3rd party tools don’t have anywhere near the reach.

    Majestic here I come.

  • Manoj Pallai

    Actually, this is a so sad news for we guys. bcz it was a media for our back link analysis. So now what’s and how we can??

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk Nathaniel Bailey

    Not that I use YSE any more as I find OSE much better, but I think YSE will be missed by meany.

    But on a plus note: A. the site is still up and working for me! B. Those still using YSE can now move over to OSE which offers much better stats, or should I say offers stats for the links unlike YSE which simple listed links with no metrics to show how good or valuable the links where.

  • Alex P

    Very sad,as it was one of the few tools that I was using on the daily bases.

  • http://optimizeguyz.com Brent

    Ahref’s should be added as a resource, no question. They are good for developers and good at what they do.

  • http://www.sistrix.de/ Hanns Kronenberg

    We invite everybody to test the OpenLinkGraph from SISTRIX http://beta.openlinkgraph.net/

  • http://copyclique.com/category/blog C.C.

    Can anyone give us a comparison of Bing Webmaster Tools vs. Google Analytics (and Goog’s Webmaster Tools)? I’ve been too Google-centric and it’s time to grow further into Bing.

    I’m rooting for Bing to step WAAAY up and grab webmaster loyalty / some market share, since Google Analytics has upset so many with the “no provided” search terms thing. Does Bing seem to be jockeying to take advantage of this “void”?

  • http://www.DesDrec.com/ DesDrec

    This is sad news indeed.

    I think everyone and their uncle used this great free tool for backlink analysis. I’ll be sorry to see it go.

    However, I have tried some of Bing’s new tools, especially the ones where you can data from excel and they seem cool.

  • Craig Barrett

    Wonder wheel, Search Timelines, search keyword reports and now Site Explorer.
    Seems like all of the best tools are being taken away.

  • Mian Chen

    Very sad news! Well we’ve been expecting it for a whole year. Finally it comes to an end. RIP. YSE!

  • http://siteexplorer.co S.E.

    With the loss of YSE, here is a top 10 list of alternatives that might come in handy. The more I look, the more tools I keep finding that I have never heard about. There are several still on the to-review list that are likely going to be good candidates as well.


    I keep hoping that somehow YSE will be resurrected via Bing, but the longer time passes the less likely it becomes. Bing was always good at being more lenient than google in their API when they returned up to 100K results rather than Google’s 1K. However, it seems that they let us down a little bit in this department, so there are several tools coming to the foreground that are starting to fill in the gaps.