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    Write on, Danny. +1

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    Having watched this unfold by following on Techmeme, I felt that Yahoo bungled this, then immediately started blaming others. If it was a valuable asset (as one would suppose based on their hope of selling the product/it’s IP/user base), something more than deny/deny/deny/hedge/be outraged might be a better plan. Perhaps the rumors of Carol Bartz’s abrasive management/PR style aren’t off the mark and the culture has filtered down to her lieutenants.

    Good, fact-filled recap that shows a good objectivity Danny.

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    You hit it on the head, Danny! This was mismanaged by Yahoo before, during and after the widespread panic-attack, and it’s left Delicious standing in the mud. If Irving want’s to complain about something, he might want to look in his own camp, beginning with himself.
    Personally, I don’t see any problem, whatsoever, in the way you handled it.

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    Great post Danny. I’m not exactly sure why but I have been rooting for Yahoo to turn things around and succeed for a long time now. I think it’s because they actually have some great products like Flickr, Delicious and MyBlogLog. Every time I get my hopes up (hiring of Carol Bartz) they find a new way to dissapoint.

    I have never met anyone above a middle manager from Yahoo. All of them seem to be great people, nice people, smart people. Many of them are now former Yahoo employees. I always ask them “what exactly is the problem with you guys?” or something to that effect. No one ever has an answer.

    As an outsider looking it, it just seems like the senior management is completely incompetent and has no idea what kind of product and services they provide to their customers, or even who their customers really are. They seem to think their customers are the people writing checks for advertising, and taking a very simplistic view they are, but thats the rub. Their real customers, the people who help drive the traffic which in turn drives ad dollars are the communities who love and support Flickr, Delicious and other great Yahoo products. For some reason Yahoo keeps alienating and driving these communities away one by one.

    I hope they do eventually find someone with some vision to lead them.

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    Still, I think people should migrate and distance thenselves from dissarrayed company. I’ve build tool for Delicious export to Instapaper

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    Excellent analysis, this is a really well put together article. One wonders how much in real monetary value this slip up will cost Yahoo. A great illustration of how less than perfect business organisation and handling of procedures can end up costing massive amounts in an unexpected crisis.