• http://www.eSocialMedia.com Jerry

    The deals will be reduced to a sustainable 10%-20% off, two for one offers, and rewards through loyalty programs…. and just like any other coupon program… there will be catches, additional costs, and fine print. Groupon will become the online pennysaver of coupons where only a few people will fuss with the gimmicks and limitations to save a couple dollars.

    On a tangent: Yelp in my opinion is one of the worst examples of a ranking and review website. Absolutely laden with fake reviews, complaints, or accolades.
    No customer service, no support, no rhyme or reason to their filtered views algo. Over the past few years one of the most frequent complaints/requests I have heard is: My competition is slandering me on Yelp – How do I remove it? They are experiencing real damage with no recourse or care from Yelp. – (I have no ranking or review on Yelp so that is not the Genesis of this post)

    The smart retailers will turn to running their own social campaigns identifying loyal customers and engaging them with personalized offers on a daily basis.

    Jerry Nordstrom

  • http://www.fwdmarketinginc.com FWD

    I bet Groupon is kicking themselves. I guess 6 billion was not enough for these kids. They say that pigs get slaughtered.

  • http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    great post greg. of course 50% twice a month is not-sustainable. I’ve been on a call with an unnamed deal vendor and the ‘sales’ person practically brow beat my client into accepting the deal offer. it was brutal and i pleaded with the client to utilize more practical avenues. the problem is that these deal sites amass a large volume of users in a geo area very quickly and when a shop / restaurant owner sees them come in it makes them start seeing dollar signs, the problem is that bleed over traffic is minimal. the deal seekers rarely return until a new deal comes up. with bare minimum profit margins it can be devastating to a small business.

    i call it ‘online dealism’, an addiction to using online deals to drive traffic over sustainable ways such as local seo and social.