AdWords Updates Combined Search And Display Campaign Type: Who Should Use It?

Google says the new option can better predict when and where Display ads will best perform.

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google adwords search and display campaign type

This week, Google introduced a new campaign type called “Search Network with Display Select.” This replaces the former “Search & Display Networks” option.

Both enable ads to run on Google search, Google search partners and the Google Display Network (GDN), but Google says the new option offers better results on the GDN with 35 percent higher average click-through rates and 35 percent lower average cost-per-order:

Search Network with Display Select uses improved signals and methods of predicting when and where your ads are likely to perform best, and sets a higher bar for when to show them. That means your ads are more likely to be shown to a smaller number of prospective customers, who are more likely to be interested in your offerings.

Separating search and display campaigns has long been a best practice. Despite this update, Google recommends advertisers continue to run separate campaigns “for greater bidding, budgeting and targeting flexibility”. 

So who should use this updated campaign type and run a combined search and display campaign?

Google suggests the combined option for those already doing so with the  Search & Display Networks campaign type and for those who aren’t running any display campaigns. Presumably the combined option is designed to make it easy for small advertisers to test the GDN waters. Still, I am finding it hard to think of a scenario where an advertiser already running search campaigns wouldn’t be better served by setting up a separate display campaign, if only for budgeting control at the very least. I’d love to hear other thoughts or success stories using the combined campaign type.

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