Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski is the Director of Search Marketing for Go Fish Digital and the editor of SEO by the Sea. He has been doing SEO and web promotion since the mid-90s, and was a legal and technical administrator in the highest level trial court in Delaware.


Social Responsibility And The Small Business

In the profit-centered business, customer happiness is merely a means to an end: maximizing profits. In the customer-centered business, customer happiness is an end in itself, and will be pursued with greater interest, passion, and empathy than the profit-centered business is capable of. – Putting Customers Ahead of Investors, John Mackey, founder and CEO of […]

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Representing Your Business on the Social Web

The Web is getting more social, and the internet allows conversations between consumers and those who sell goods and services online on a scale that can be global in reach. The nature of that conversation has changed from the days of mass media to now, and success in business on the Web may rely more […]


Privacy Policies And Search Engines

A few weeks back, I started wondering about whether or not search engines might care whether or not a web site had a privacy policy. Is the content of a page less relevant or more relevant if there’s a link on it to information about how any data collected about visitors might be used? Probably […]


Starting Conversations with Contact Pages

Starting out with my first website in 1996, I hadn’t realized that one of the most important pages that I had put on the site was a contact page. With a copy of “Learn HTML in 2 Weeks” at my side and a design that reflected my limited skills, I wasn’t aware of my limitations, […]


Making a Good Impression With About Us Pages

Sipping on a cup of coffee on a Wednesday morning in the lounge of the local bowling alley last summer, surrounded by shop keepers and insurance salesmen and other small business owners, I hand out my business card. Most of these merchants have actual places I can visit, while all I have are pages they […]


Googlebot In Aisle Three: How Google Plans To Index The World?

Robots reading cereal boxes in the supermarket? Googlebot at the art museum? Street signs and building addresses snatched from Street View images for local search, image search, and product search? Three new patent applications published at the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office this week explore the intricacies of reading text in images taken from Google’s […]


A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Mariner

As a small business owner, the web holds a lot of challenges that, if navigated successfully, may yield some treasures. But there are some waves on the horizon, and uncharted waters ahead for many who would pursue those riches. A secret for those of you who are starting out with a fresh website, and something […]


Google Patent On Anchor Tags And Web Crawling

One of the key elements of how the Google search engine works involves the use of the words, or anchor text, that appear in a link on a source page, to describe a page targeted by the link. We know this from statements about anchor text made in documents like the Lawrence Page and Sergey […]


Should A Small Business Blog?

More and more small businesses are starting blogs on the Web, and it’s a positive development, if done correctly. One of the benefits is the chance for business owners to hold a conversation with potential clients, and with people who may be interested the services, or goods that the company offers as well as with […]


Supplemental Results and Google’s Extended Databases

Until very recently, you might have seen a label next to a search result in Google that indicated it was a “supplemental” result. A couple of patents from Google, one of which was granted this week and one from earlier this year, discuss how a search query might return results from an extended database that […]


The SEO of Everyday Pages

There’s a kind of page that shows up on websites that I think of as everyday pages. These are commonly appearing pages that you might see on almost every website, such as the “contact” page, the “about us,” the “terms of service” and the “privacy policy.” These are pages that I see small business sites […]


Finding Customers Through Anti-Commercial Queries

There’s a fallacy that sellers create for themselves, that most people go online to spend money. — Ammon Johns, from How Many Search Queries Are Really Unique?, I checked the AOL database :-) You research a niche for a business online, and find a genuine need in an area that larger businesses aren’t filling. You […]


11 Steps to Developing a Web Literacy

The Web reaches out to embrace businesses online, even if the owners of those businesses hesitate at the attempt. There are many that haven’t taken the step of placing themselves on the internet, and yet they are there, even without a Web site. They may appear in business directories, with name and address and phone […]


Small Business Advantages: Being Responsive

Back in March, Christine Churchill wrote a Small is Beautiful column about the ability of small businesses to be flexible and creative, to think locally and explore niche markets that larger companies wouldn’t enter because they were too large or too slow to change in Survival of the Nimble. When your company is run by […]


Google Revisits Historical Data Ranking Factors

One of the biggest stirs of 2005 in the search marketing field was caused by the release of a patent application from Google titled Information retrieval based on historical data. It introduced time as a dimension of ranking pages, with changes in content and linking and advertising and topics as factors to be considered, as […]

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AIRWeb 2007 Papers Released

The Third International Workshop on Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web will be held next month, and there’s an impressive scope and depth to the topics that will be discussed based upon the papers to be presented during the conference, and the members of the committees who have worked to put this workshop together. This […]

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Small Businesses Getting Social: Individual and Community Efforts

In the online world, we’ve seen the emergence of social networking sites that allow for the discovery and sharing of websites, of bookmarks, of common interests, and the meeting of friends and friends of friends. In the business world offline, small businesses have the opportunity to be socially active in a number of ways, from […]


New Google Mobile Phone Search Patent Applications

Is there a Google Phone waiting to be released, or just mobile software that makes it easier for people to use Google to search with? How serious is Google about mobile search? How would such a system work? I ran into a patent application on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) pages from Google that […]

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