Carrie Hill

Carrie Hill

Carrie Hill is the co-founder of Ignitor Digital, along with long-time colleague Mary Bowling. After years working for other agencies and learning the ins and outs of great customer service, Carrie and Mary opened Ignitor Digital to serve the small and very small business with top-quality Local Search, SEO and Social Media services. When not working, Carrie loves to cook for friends and family, hang out with her pretty awesome kids, and read books that have little-to-no educational value!

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Managing PPC Accounts: Improving Bounce Rates

Paid advertising has morphed into so much more than buying some traffic until your SEO can sustain  your site. There are now software programs that can create a unique landing page for (thousands of) keywords on the fly, specifically designed to address the keyword phrase the user typed into the query box and the ad […]


Solving Website Indexing Problems

Crawling and indexing issues can really put a damper on your efforts to rank well for a variety of competitive and non-competitive terms.  Solving indexing issues is definitely an important step towards increasing your keyword ranking footprint. And, the more real estate you own by solving those issues, means you’re taking the next steps in […]


Two Simple Rules For Fixing High Bounce Rate Pages

Of all the metrics that I struggle and fight with, probably the easiest one I’ve found to correct is a high bounce rate. The reality of website design lies in the fact that many choices are made in page layout, color and image choice based on what the graphic designer or website owner like—not what […]

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Know Where You Are…To See Where You’re Going

I test a lot. Different ideas and techniques pour out of my brain; to be honest, some of them are utter crap. I learned the hard way not to take leaps without testing the takeoff and landing first. One step that seems to be overlooked when people are starting to test their own websites is […]


Testing In 2010: Tips & Ideas To Get You Started

If you asked some of the best online marketers in the business what one piece of advice they can give you to help make your site better, stronger or more profitable, I bet most would say “test your pages, test your techniques, and test your theories.” The one constant in search engine marketing is change. […]


How To Target Your SEO Landing Page’s Demographic Profile

Historically, in the SEM industry, one has mentioned landing pages in conjunction with Paid Advertising and other forms of controlled click traffic. SEO has always been a more nebulous and mysterious practice; and one page, optimized for a few keywords, could show for literally hundreds of different long-tail queries. The plan was to make this […]

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