Craig Danuloff

Craig Danuloff


The Unexpected Consequences Of Higher Quality Scores

Quality score can drive the success or failure of your paid search keywords, and the two best known impacts of quality score are the effect it has on text ad position and cost-per-click: Ad position is determined by Ad Rank which is calculated as bid x quality score. CPC is calculated by dividing the Ad […]


Why Google AdWords Quality Score Is Your Friend

Quality score is a system AdWords uses to pass judgment on each of your keywords. They score every one, reflecting how well that keyword has done in the past and how well it’s expected to do in the future. This score has impact. It determines how often your ads are shown, where they appear, and […]


Google Instant And The Power Of Suggestion

It’s going to be a long time (weeks or months) until anyone has a complete understanding of how Google Instant will change search and search marketing. The change Google has made isn’t just to the user interface. They’ve changed how search works by dramatically increasing the power of Google Suggestions. And most importantly they’ve changed […]

Google Ads

Is The Hype Over Google AdWords Quality Score Justified?

The focus of the paid search world, if you measure it by tweets, blog posts and conference sessions, has turned squarely to Google’s AdWords Quality Score over the past few months. Google first introduced Quality Score years ago, but changes they rolled out in August of 2008 recently increased visibility of the score in the […]

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