David Roth

David Roth

Dave Roth founded Emergent Digital in order to use digital marketing to make the world a better place. B-Corps, nonprofits, social enterprises, green technologies and educators now benefit from the same strategies that drive billions in profit to the Fortune 500. Roth recently served as Vice President, Marketing at Move, Inc.’s realtor.com. There, he oversaw paid and organic Search, Affiliate, Mobile and Social Marketing for the Company. Prior to his arrival at Move, Dave was Sr. Director of Search and Affiliate Marketing at Yahoo!, Inc.


Optimizing Apps For Maximum Findability

Although platforms like Apple’s App Store and Google Play are “closed” environments, content can and should be optimized to be more easily found. App store optimization requires SEO techniques that go beyond the usual web optimization processes. During the App Store Optimization session at SMX West 2014, panelists discussed the best ways to get your […]

Paid Social

Up-Close @ SMX West: Twitter For Business

Yesterday, I attended a great session on Twitter at SMX West, about using the service for business purposes. It covered everything from a glossary for the beginner to advanced tips for those looking to gain more. For my session review, check out my post on Marketing Land: How To Get Started Using Twitter For Business


5 Ways To Fail Fast Using Paid Search

Let’s face it. Nobody ever learned a valuable lesson from success. Sure, succeeding feels great, and we can often look back at success and credit a number of meaningful contributing factors. I love it, we all do. In fact, our society and culture celebrate success to such a ridiculously high degree that we forget that […]


5 Ways To Capture Brand Equity With SEM & Affiliates

Last week, I read David Rodnitzky’s Enterprise SEM column on brand term bidding, and I loved it! Even better, it got me thinking about search and affiliate marketing again. While I think David made some excellent points, as I consumed his endless wit and wisdom, I kept thinking: All that brand keyword goodness, it’s almost […]


4 PPC Tactics To Ensure You Meet & Exceed Your Plan

In this column, we routinely write about some fairly advanced topics: Next-level optimization, automated bidding algorithms, hyper-targeted search campaigns, paid vs. organic search, etc. Lost in all this is the underlying discussion around the need to hit your financial goals. The majority of large enterprises engage in annual planning, which means that as SEM managers, […]


SMX West: Where Search Marketers & Fire Alarms Meet

The sirens suddenly sounded, shattering my concentration and halting the flow of my presentation. “Please evacuate the building immediately”, the robotic recorded male voice advised. More blasting sirens. “This is the emergency response system. Please evacuate the…” Was this really happening? I’d been preparing all morning and patiently waiting my turn to speak as the […]


An Inside Look At How Yahoo! Handles Olympic Games Marketing

Last month, I wrote about managing search in a decentralized marketing organization. We covered budgets, goals, alignment, etc. All good in theory, but how does it work in real life? To answer that question, I thought I would take a close look at how we’re working on one of our major marketing initiatives of the […]


To Centralize Or Decentralize SEM – That’s The Question

Having been through a number of re-orgs over the past few years, I’ve been thinking lately about SEM and direct marketing within the larger organization, and it seemed like a good time to take a step back and look at the different ways companies organize around SEM, and which models make the most (or least) […]


From The Experts: Enterprise-Level PPC Campaign Management

Last month, I wrote about a conference session I moderated on Building and Training In-house SEO Teams. And while that get-together was a blast, I didn’t really get my geek on until I was presenting on a panel on Enterprise Level Bid Management. The title was a bit of a misnomer, as we covered topics well […]


How To Build & Manage Enterprise Search Marketing Teams

On a panel at a recent conference, I had the pleasure of moderating a great discussion on building and managing in-house SEO teams. What made this panel superb was that it wasn’t just about in-house SEO teams.There was quite a bit of content around hiring, working with third parties, and the interaction between marketing and […]


Three Steps To SEM Planning Success

Ahh, annual planning season. Nothing quite like it. You can almost smell it in the air. Dozens of spreadsheets packed with endless assumptions, each one more fantastic than the last, combining to ultimately seal a marketer’s fate for the next 12 months. What could be better than that? Well, how about three steps to make […]


The Relationship Between Enterprise SEO & PPC: SMX East Recap

During a whirlwind stay at SMX East, I had the enviable opportunity to speak at length about two of my all-time favorite topics: Enterprise PPC, and the relationship between paid and organic search. Enterprise PPC It was interesting to get some very different takes on Industrial Strength SEM from the seasoned pros seated next to […]


3 Steps To Adopting A New Attribution Model In A Large Enterprise

When I first got to Yahoo! and asked about attribution models in our marketing team, our marketing analytics lead informed me that we had developed, and subsequently scrapped, a very elegant attribution model. In fact, we were back to square one with a last-ad model, the same one that’s been dominating our industry for what […]


Get These Three Things Right In Enterprise SEO

The other day in URLs café at Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, I had a great conversation with our head of SEO. He was telling me about significant recent success SEO has been enjoying at Yahoo! At many large companies, SEO is an uphill battle, so any victory should be fully celebrated. I asked what happened […]


3 Reasons To Form A Direct Marketing Center Of Excellence

If you’re at all like me, you’re marketing a variety of different web assets – products, properties, businesses – and you’re working alongside a number of other marketing channels in a larger group. In our case, it’s the Direct Marketing (DM) group – in your organization, it may be called ‘acquisition marketing’ or ‘performance marketing’. […]


3 Ways To Connect The Dots With Search Marketing

At a conference last month, I had the privilege of speaking on a really fun panel with some of the brightest minds in Search, where we told some stories about integrating search into larger marketing efforts. We called it ‘Connecting The Dots’. I love these kinds of tales because they nod to the promise of […]


PPC Tactics For Large Enterprises: Search Network Targeting

At SMX West last month, I spoke at length about what it means to manage PPC programs at large companies.  One of the topics I covered at some depth was using the various search engines’ targeting options to break keywords down into smaller bits of data to optimize them individually. This type of tactic can […]


In-House PPC Programs For Big Companies – Part II

Having just spent a spectacular few days at SMX West, the real challenge was getting past the buzz around content farms. But if you bothered to dig a bit deeper, there was an astounding amount of great, um… content, covering the many facets of search marketing other than search algorithm changes. Aside from the usual […]