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Frost Prioleau is a seasoned online advertising executive, specializing in targeting, optimization, and technology. Frost is CEO and co-founder of You can follow him on Twitter @phrossed.


Unstructured Data In Display: Cut Through The Fog To Provide Insight

In my last article, I talked about the importance of unstructured data for optimal performance in display advertising. This time, I’d like to bring that conversation full circle and explore another aspect of what unstructured data provides in spades: insight. While performance is typically the primary way of measuring advertising efforts, insight about your specific […]


Unstructured Data: Turning Chaos Into Performance

As advertisers, we’re bombarded daily with new ways to work with our data, many of which promise  to streamline and maximize our efforts. Yet, while all of the tools and possibilities for digital advertising can lend significant potency to our marketing strategies, they can also result in frenetic chaos. Advertisers need to find ways to […]


The Recency Bump: In Retargeting Timing Is Everything

In retargeting, as in life, timing is everything. There are two major factors that make search marketing so successful. The first is marketer control at the keyword level. That’s about as granular as intent-based advertising gets. The second is that search ads have immediate recency. Meaning, the time between user intent and ad impression is […]


The Rise Of Programmatic Branding In RTB

Does RTB really stand for Real Time Branding? Since the advent of Real Time Bidding, programmatic display advertising has largely been thought of as a technique for direct-response, performance based advertisers. This is largely because RTB has worked very well for performance advertisers. The ability to buy impressions one at a time (and more recently, […]


How Facebook Exchange (FBX) Can Help Search Marketers Improve Reach & Performance

Since its launch a few months back, the Facebook Exchange (aka FBX) has created lots of buzz amongst companies involved in Real Time Bidding (RTB). While much of the initial discussion about FBX was centered around low-funnel tactics such as site retargeting, more companies (including my company, are now complementing site retargeting with upper […]


Reflections On Real-Time Bidding & Search Retargeting In 2012

Looking back, 2012 was a big year for both real-time bidding (RTB) as well as search retargeting. According to a recent report by eMarketer, RTB display ad spend was estimated to grow 98% in 2012 from 2011 levels. My guess is that many in our industry (me included) feel that estimate is low. As 2012 […]


Unstructured Data Brings Search Effectiveness To Display

Music lovers are able to buy individual songs without buying the whole album. Investors are able to buy individual stocks without buying a mutual fund or ETF. Search marketers are able to bid on individual search terms without buying pre-packaged bundles of terms. Until recently, however, display marketers have been mostly confined to targeting audience […]


How To Jump Start Display Ad Campaigns With Look-A-Likes

Advertisers will tell you that they don’t like to waste money. This is especially true heading into the holiday season. However, that is exactly what many advertisers do by not taking advantage of Look-a-like technology, which has made great advances in recent years. Look-a-likes can reduce waste, save time, and improve performance by defining highly effective […]


How Dynamic Audiences Can Maximize Display Advertising Performance

I’m often asked whether it is better to change an ad to fit an audience, or to change an audience to fit an ad. Many in the online advertising industry are familiar with the concept of dynamic creative, which customizes the content of an ad to match the interests of the user seeing the ad. […]


What Do Audience Segments, 8-Track Tapes & Pay Phones Have In Common?

Yup…you guessed it. Audience segments are going the way of the dinosaurs. This may not come as much of a revelation to search marketers, who wouldn’t dream of running a search campaign where they couldn’t see the performance of each individual search term and vary bids on each search term as needed. Search marketers know […]


How To Extend & Improve Your Retargeting Efforts

Invariably, when people get a taste of a good thing, they want more of it. This is definitely the case with online advertisers and their use of first party data in site retargeting. Site retargeting has been one of the hottest sectors in the online advertising space over the last couple of years, as advertisers […]


How Search-A-Likes Can Improve Both Search Retargeting & SEM Campaigns

Regardless of medium, the best marketers know cross-channel integration is key, and the exchange of information between channels should be a two way street. The world of online marketing is no exception, as more and more search marketers are looking to search retargeting as a way to leverage their knowledge of search engine marketing over […]


7 Tips For Lowering Cost Per Action (CPA) Using Search Retargeting

Value, like beauty, is usually in the eye of the beholder. In online advertising, the relative value of various campaign metrics has been subject to much debate. For brand marketers, well-designed banners shown to targeted consumers on high quality sites are perceived to have high value. Similarly, clicks and high click through rates (CTRs) that […]


How To Make Unstructured Data Actionable In Display

I wrote recently about the new era of display marketing, and how real time bidding and other advances are bringing the precision and performance of search advertising to display. Well…a new era of unstructured data is also upon us. A widely cited 2011 IDC study found that the amount of data in the world is […]


The New Era Of Display: 5 Reasons Search Marketers Should Care

Chefs. Musicians. Athletes. Each is a master in their own discipline. Yet, many of these folks have skills that can be leveraged in a completely different channel with great success. Quite often, making the leap to another field can open up an entirely new world for them. And that’s exactly what display advertising offers search […]


Search Retargeting: 4 Tips To Use Recency To Drive Performance

In life, timing can be everything. But in marketing, it can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. That’s why the topic of recency is so important to marketers. Fortunately, search retargeting can help marketers capitalize on recency to drive performance. Understanding Recency & The Window Of Opportunity The concept of recency […]


5 Reasons Online Display Advertising Is Simpler Than Ever

A good glass of wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, industry “experts” often make it sound complicated. This is the case with online display advertising today. But marketers need to know that display advertising today is a lot simpler than many of them believe. Complexity: Old News Time and again, we are told […]


Keyword Optimization For Retargeting: Why Automation Matters

Search marketing practitioners get the value of keyword optimization. When it is applied, honed and refined over time, a high-value corporate asset emerges: keyword lists that translate into powerful institutional knowledge. But is there an opportunity to create the same sort of asset beyond search? Absolutely. Search retargeting can provide marketers with a totally transparent, […]


5 Reasons Why Brand Marketers Should Use Search Retargeting

Are you looking to create brand awareness online? Wouldn’t it be great if you could target consumers who recently searched on your targeted terms? Well that’s exactly what search retargeting can help you do. It offers brand marketers a very precise method to reach their audiences. Let’s take a look at why. Search Retargeting In […]

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