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Kerin Foster


About Kerin Foster

Kerin Foster is a Marketing Associate at SEER Interactive in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. She brings extensive knowledge and experience to the search marketing industry and strives to provide the broadest perspective possible to make amazing things happen on a daily basis.

Kerin Foster's latest articles

Link building

Link Building Outside The Box: Outreach & Content Refreshing

Link building is a staple of most SEO campaigns. Some methods are scalable and automated, while others are similar to old-school public relations. One thing most can agree on is that methods always need to adapt to keep up with opportunity and algorithm changes. Building Links With Content Google has made it harder to build […]


Why You Should “Bing It On” In Your Online Marketing

Bing commercials have been running rampant on TV lately — they have amped up their service and definitely have something to prove. Among other things, they’re becoming increasingly integrated into Windows 8, possibly increasing public interest in Bing. For many people (online marketers in particular), there is a tendency to forget that Bing even exists […]

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