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​Kristie Colby is the Executive Director of Client Accounts at SmartSearch Marketing, a B2B Digital Marketing Agency specializing in demand generation and lead management solutions for B2B companies. Kristie has been in the digital marketing industry since 2002 and joined the SmartSearch team in January of 2009. She is an ROI‐centric executive with proven success crafting, leading, and executing transformational digital marketing campaigns with innovative strategies to overcome challenges and meet evolving demands. She has a solid track record of accomplishment directing successfully integrated programs which drive impact for organizations. Kristie has worked with clients in a variety of industries on local and national levels including Berkshire Hathaway, Bernstein Rein, LiveRamp (an Acxiom Company), Radware, SiriusDecisions and QAD. She is a football fanatic and cooking enthusiast.

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The Fallacy Of SEO Ranking Reports: How To Better Spend Your Time & Effort

For some time now, there’s been a growing buzz in the SEO community regarding organic ranking reports.  The conversation focuses on a significant short list of controversial topics including: accuracy of data, use of tools that violate terms of service to scrape data, necessity for client reporting, and the foundational question: are ranking reports essential […]


3 Questions To Ask Your B2B SEO Expert

Whether you’ve hired a search marketing agency or are using in-house resources, how do you know if your B2B SEO expert is doing a great job? Three simple questions that all business marketers should ask about their B2B SEO program are: How does our SEO plan differ from a consumer-oriented (B2C) SEO program? Specifically what […]


What To Do When Your Brand Message Doesn’t Match How People Search

SEO is all about words. Which words people search with; how to use them; and where to put them. Choosing the right keywords is imperative to the success of any SEO campaign. Unfortunately, selecting these keywords isn’t always as simple as it would seem. Many B2B companies have very specific marketing and messaging philosophies that […]


B2B Website Usability Should Influence Organic Ranking

As a member of the Search Marketing community, I am always eager to see what great announcements those search engine powerhouses have in store for us. This year, my hope is that the search engines will realize that usability should be a primary ranking factor over some current metrics that are so often manipulated such […]

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