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5 Steps For A Flawless Paid Search Launch

Why does it seem like a paid search launch has as many moving parts as launching a space shuttle? To make sure that everything gets taken care of, I adhere to a five step launch process when building a new paid search program. This process makes it easier to divide and conquer developing each part […]


5 Questions To Create A Laser-Focused Dashboard

Dashboards exist to help make decisions. Unfortunately this principle is often forgotten. That is why many SEM’s moan and groan when it comes time to building dashboards. Without a specific end goal in mind, building any report becomes a frustrating mind reading game. When you spend the time to clarify the decision that needs to be […]


How To Gracefully Retire A Brand Name

Retiring a brand name is a tricky challenge. On one hand, you don’t want to confuse your marketplace by transitioning too quickly. On the other hand, you don’t want the transition to take too long because it can cost more money and also cause confusion. We are currently going through a brand name transition with […]


How Anomalies In Search Trends Could Change Your Product Roadmap

By way of example, let’s talk about how search data can have a potential impact on your enterprise, when you share your findings with your product development teams. I recently ran a number of keyword reports for the Adobe SearchCenter product management team and I was shocked by what I found. What jumped out at […]


3 Guidelines To Scale Your SEM Team

There is a phenomenon within organizations that causes productivity to decline as teams grow larger. This phenomenon is described in economics as a diseconomy of scale and is caused by at least three factors including increased communication costs, duplication of effort, and top-heavy management. These three components can cripple an SEM team that grows larger than four […]


The Most Destructive Lie In Search Marketing

The biggest lie in search marketing is that paid and organic search are separate channels. From the customer’s perspective, paid and natural search are nearly identical. In fact, according to this study done by Performics last year, around a third of all searchers don’t even know the difference between a paid and a natural search listing. This […]


The Hidden Lever In Paid Search Optimization

There have been many articles written about paid search optimization, but there is one piece of the optimization puzzle that continually gets left out. The hidden lever in paid search optimization is prioritization. Prioritizing optimization opportunities is equally as important as doing the optimization itself. I have seen double digit increases in performance and significant […]


7 Steps To Achieving Nirvana By Using A Media Plan

Due to the agile and complex nature of paid search, managing a paid search program can often degenerate into a constant barrage of fire drills and ad hoc report requests. I have been there and it is not fun. I have also found that there is a way to dig out of this chaos and […]


How To Build A “Navy Seal 6 Team” Of Search Marketers

In the last nine months, I have seen a hiring blitz as Adobe moved its search program in house. Seventeen search marketers were hired and each has turned out to be extremely capable. One colleague compared the new search marketing team to the Seal Team 6 that took out Osama Bin Laden. Through an interview […]

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