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Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT" @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


In case you missed it…

More reach and more results. With Bing Network, advertisers are connecting with the right people, where and how they want to be reached — all in a more natural, predictive and personal way. It’s the intelligence that spans not only Microsoft products, but across platforms and partners. And as part of a comprehensive advertising approach, […]

Amazon Alexa

Will search engines fall to AI?

Lately, there’s been a rumble pretty much everywhere about artificial intelligence, digital personal assistants, the Internet of Things, wearables and apps for everything. I’ve even written about what the rise of digital assistants means to search. There are some who claim that these new technologies will render search obsolete, passed over for the convenience and […]


Ask and you shall receive: The Humanization of Search

In a world where we’re almost always connected to technology and devices, we have instant access to information wherever we are — causing a transformation to the search experience. Whether people realize it or not, search is embedded in their daily activities; it’s on their mobile devices, cloud-connected game consoles and increasingly, on smart devices […]


Understanding intent through voice search

Bing and Google are looking at the future of search, and both are seeing a future that involves search engines as the intelligence platform powering digital assistance with daily life — personalized help that enables people to get more done efficiently and spend real time focused on what they care about most. Today’s digital assistants, […]

Apple Siri

Consumers shape new world of search advertising

Since Bing entered the search space just over six years ago, the landscape has transformed and technology has advanced, and the changes are only accelerating. In a time of limitless expectations and technology, consumers are continuing to reshape the search landscape as they look at devices and services to help them do and achieve more. […]


Be There. Introducing The Bing Network.

    At Bing, we’re building a platform that gives people “knowledge for doing” in a more natural, predictive and personal way. It’s the intelligence that spans not just across Microsoft products but across platforms and across partners. Bing Network connects you to the moments that matter by being in the products people use every […]

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