Wister Walcott

Wister Walcott


Bing’s Impact: 3 Things Search Marketers Need To Know

Bing has made a splash in the media recently – but now that the hype has faded, what will be the real impact of the new search engine for search marketers in the trenches? Most professional search marketers are now used to the perpetual changes in algorithms, bidding systems, performance metrics, and ad center tools […]


Attribution & The Customer Lifecycle: What Search Marketers Need To Know

Too often, PPC campaigns are managed as though clicks and conversions take place within a vacuum, disconnected and unrelated to the customer engagement that occurs through other mediums and at other times. But PPC campaigns are tightly interwoven with broader marketing programs that reach customers over the entire customer lifecycle—across the web, in store, via […]


Search In Uncertain Times

Successful paid search marketing is an ever-moving target: bid prices and placements are constantly changing, auction rules shift from one day to the next, and your keyword mix is constantly in flux due to seasonality, new promotions, and changing campaign needs. It’s no wonder your search engine marketing ROI also fluctuates with all this confusion. […]

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