Google Analytics GA4 shows real-time users in the last 5 minutes

Previously, GA4 only showed this metric over the past 30 minutes.

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Google has upgraded its Google Analytics, GA4, real time reports to show users in last 5 minutes. It previously showed users in last 30 minutes and now it shows both users in last 5 minutes and users in last 30 minutes.

The old Universal Analytics tool showed real-time metrics based on the last 5 minutes, and now GA4 does it too.

What it looks like. If you click on your real-time reports in GA4, you will see the chart shows two real-time metrics:

Ga4 Real Time 5 Mins

Why we care. You can now see how many users you had on your website in the last 5 minutes, in addition to the last 30 minutes. So real-time metrics just got a bit more fun to watch.

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