Google expands media buying with real-time bidding integrations

The integrations are meant to assist advertisers in becoming more competitive when targeting new audiences within apps.

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To enhance media buying efficiency, Google Ads plans to adopt real-time bidding auctions for apps, ceasing to respond to multiple calls in mediation starting October 31, 2023. Google Ads will no longer engage with or participate in the practice of handling multiple requests for the same ad impression within the mediation process.

How it works. Prior to this date, Google Ads will commence transitioning away from waterfall buying for certain multi-call requests. The shift to real-time bidding is expected to enable advertisers to find optimally-priced app inventory more efficiently and boost competition within the real-time auction.

Third-party integrations. Google Ads and Display & Video 360 are broadening their real-time bidding integrations with third-party app monetization platforms. These integrations are transitioning to open beta and will be accessible to all app developers using AppLovin (Max), Chartboost Mediation, Digital Turbine FairBid, and Unity LevelPlay monetization platforms.

Implementations. No alterations to campaigns will be required for advertisers to reap the benefits of this program. In the coming week, the option to enable Google bidding will be made available to all app developers using the supported third-party monetization platforms. App developers can also access Google’s demand through real-time bidding integrations with AdMob and Ad Manager publisher offerings.

Dig deeper. You can read about the new integrations on the Google Ads & Commerce Blog.

Why we care. The transition to real-time bidding auctions for apps, and ceasing to respond to multiple calls in mediation, will streamline the media buying process, increase competition, and ensure that advertisers find the best-priced app inventory more efficiently.

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