Google Product Studio brings AI-generated images to advertisers

This new Google tool will help merchants punch up existing product images into alternate creative using Google AI.

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Merchants will soon have a new tool in their advertising toolbelt: Google’s Product Studio.

With the help of generative AI, Product Studio will help merchants create unique product imagery.

Here’s what was announced today at Google Marketing Live 2023.

Generate Scene In Merchant Center

With this tool, advertisers can lean on Google’s generative AI to help enhance their creative in a handful of new ways:

Product Studio Generate Scene In Merchant Center 1

Custom Product Scenes. With this feature, a product can be uploaded without a background, and AI will do the rest. With a few prompts, backgrounds can be added to the product to make it more eye-catching.

In one example, a skincare company used Product Studio to add AI-generated peaches with tropical plants in the background to a plain product photo.

This will be rolling out in the U.S. later this year.

Background Editing In Merchant Center 1

Removal of backgrounds. Product Studio can also flip it and reverse it. If you have a background that you think is too distracting, the generative AI can remove the content within Product Studio without ever leaving Google. 

Product Studio Increase Resolution In Merchant Center

Increased resolution. If your assets aren’t up to par from a pixel standpoint, Product Studio can help you with that, too. Using generative AI models, merchants can create cleaner, crisper creative from lower-resolution images. 

AI-generated images won’t have a distinct tag or watermark to tell that they were manipulated, but according to Google, that data will live within the image metadata.

Why we care: Creative is a huge pain point for many SMBs, and according to Google, product offers with more than one image see an increase in impressions (+76%) and clicks (+32%). Assuming this technology works as well as the demos show, advertisers can spin up and test far more creatively faster than ever. The custom product scenes alone should be a reason to rejoice as it integrates real product photos with near-unlimited opportunities. This should be a massive win in both time-savings and volume for advertisers that love testing creative.

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