Google rolling out related topics filter on desktop search results

Google's related topics filter was launched on mobile in December and is now on desktop after months of testing.

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Google is now rolling out the related topics search filter feature on desktop search results.

The related topics filter first launched on mobile search last December. Now Google is bringing it fully to desktop search.

What it looks like. Here’s a screenshot of the new filter menu, compared to the old version.

Old version:

Google Search Bar Filters Old

New version:

Google Search Bar Filters New

Here is what it looks like when you filter on these “explore topic” related topic filters:

Google Search Bar Filters New Trigger

Here is how the mobile version launched back in December 2022:

Google Mobile Menu Explore

What Google said. Google posted this news on Twitter:

  • “Last December, we made it easier on mobile to explore topics related to your search. Now this is available to all desktop users searching in English in the US. Related topics appear alongside filters at the top of the search results page.”

Google has been testing this on desktop for several months. So if this looks familiar to you, that’s why.

Google also added the following to its December blog post:

“Both topics and filters are shown in the order that our systems automatically determine is most helpful for your specific query. If you don’t see a particular filter you want, you can find more using the ‘All filters’ option, which is available at the end of the row.”

Why we care. Google is constantly adapting and trying new interfaces. Be it the new SGE or these smaller changes, including perspectives, about this image and more. This is a new change to the Google interface that may impact what people see and click on within the desktop search results.

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