Google Search Console API drops more app features

If you are using the Google Search Console API, please make sure to update your tools for these changes.

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Google announced it is removing some features from the current Search Console API. Most of these features are related to apps, specifically Android app search appearance types.

Makes sense. In February, Google removed app properties from Google Search Console, so removing it from the API makes sense. Google told app developers to transition to Google’s Firebase platform for this type of reporting. “Since these appearance types are no longer used in the UI, they haven’t been populated with data recently. Going forward, we won’t be showing these types at all through the API,” Google wrote.

API changes. Google said the following app search appearance types are no longer supported:

  • Is Install
  • Is App Universal
  • Is Opened

Sitemaps API. Google also said that the Sitemaps API is no longer populating the indexing status of submitted sitemap files in the “Indexed” field. (The status was actually removed earlier this year without any formal announcement.) As such, SEOs shouldn’t expect to see this information in the Indexed field.

Committed. Google said, “We’re still committed to the Search Console API. In particular, we’re working on updating the Search Console API to the new Search Console. We don’t have any specific timeframes to share at the moment, but stay tuned to find out more!”

Why we care. Assuming Google is still going to be developing towards the new Search Console features, expect a new Search Console API to come in the future. For now, those using any of the features listed above won’t be able to see data for those types going forward.

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