Google Search Console experience and enhancement reporting bug

Google is working on a fix, this has no impact on indexing or ranking.

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Google has confirmed a bug with some of the reporting within Google Search Console. The bug impacts the experience and enhancement reports, including the core web vitals, mobile usability, HTTPS, AMP and other enhancement and experience reports. The issue is it shows a drop in the number of valid URLs being reported.

What Google said. Google posted on X saying, “The team has been looking into this and is working to resolve it.” It is unclear when the issue will be resolved, but Google is working on it.

Indexing and ranking. Google added, “This is a Search Console reporting issue, and not related to indexing or ranking.”

So, this reporting bug should have no impact on your rankings, indexing, or crawling of your website. It is just a reporting issue with Google Search Console, which is something Google can fix on their end.

What it looks like. Here is an example of the HTTPS report of one of my sites showing a dip in valid HTTPS URLs:

Gsc Experience Report Decline 1700479818

Why we care. There have been a number of SEOs and site owners who noticed this drop in valid or “good” reported URLs in these Search Console experience and enhancement reports. There is no need to be concerned, this is a reporting bug, and Google will fix it.

Again, this has no impact on indexing or ranking, it is just a reporting bug on Google’s end.

Fixed. Google fixed the issue on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 23rd:

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