Google Search Organization markup adds name, address, contact information, and other business identifiers

Google has updated the Search Console and Rich Results test reporting to support these new additions.

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Google Search added new Organization markup which now supports name, address, contact information, and other business identifiers. The previous markup previously supported only logo and URL structured data fields.

“Today we’re expanding our support for organizational information by extracting additional administrative data,” Irina Tuduce and Alex Jansen, Google Shopping software engineers announced.

What’s new. Google updated its developer documentation adding Organization structured data to support new business and organization-related fields. They include name, alternate name, legal name, description, sameas, address fields, phone numbers, email, number of employees, founding date, DUNS, NAICS, tax ID and other ID numbers.

The logo and URL fields are still available. The logo documentation was merged into the new organization documentation.

How it is used. This markup can be used in Google Search knowledge panels and other visual elements, such as attribution. It should help searchers “more easily find your organization’s details on Google Search,” the company said.

Here is the illustration of how it looks:

Google Organization Serp

Reporting. Google updated the reports in Google Search Console to support validation of these new fields. The rich results testing tool to support validation of these new structured data fields was also updated.

“The existing logo report in Search Console and validations in the Rich Results Test are now replaced with more extensive organization validations in the Rich Results Test,” Google wrote.

“You can test your organization structured data using the Rich Results Test by submitting the URL of a page or a code snippet. Using the tool, you can confirm whether or not your markup is valid instantly,” Google added.

Organization Rich Results Test

Why we care. Expanding the fields included in Organization structured data should help you communicate effectively to Google more information about your business or organization.

Google Search will use that information to deliver accurate phone numbers, addresses and other business identifiers, which should help searchers find and contact businesses that use Organizational structured data markup.

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