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Twitter Begins To Roll Out The ‘Activities’ Tab To The Masses

As we reported a few months ago, Twitter has rolled out the “activities tab” for web users.  This tab allows Twitter to operate more like a classic social network as you can keep tabs on your friends… pun intended.  Here’s a look at how the activitiy tab looks: This tab shows items favorited by those you […]

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Twitter Buys Julpan To Boost Content Discovery

Twitter has acquired Julpan, a small start-up search service in New York that had focused on analyzing social activity in order to improve search results. Twitter says the acquisition will be used to boost its ability to help users discover interesting content. “We’re looking at how to best surface content to users based on their […]

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Twitter Announces Analytics For Tweets, Traffic & Buttons

This week at TechCrunch Disrupt, Twitter announced Web Analytics to webmasters (and Tweeters) see how their content is being shared and how their buttons are being used.  This new platform integrates fully with the new t.co shortener to help see content distribution. During the presentation it was announced that the t.co ‘link wrapper’ is now […]

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Twitter Hits 100 Million ‘Active’ Users

Started just 5 years ago, Twitter announced today at the “State of the Union” that they have officially reached their 100 millionth ‘active’ user.  Of the active users, 55% use Twitter on their mobile devices.  Each month over 400 million unique visitors use Twitter.com alone.  Today Twitter is posting a billion tweets every five days, about […]

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Nearly 90% Of Twitter Users Follow Brands & Just 10.9% Of Users Find Promoted Tweets To Be Annoying

In a new article from eMarketer and Lab42, information was released around brands and Promoted Tweets.  Surprisingly, 89.4% of users polled stated that they follow a brand’s Twitter account.  Most users (30.6%) follow 1-5 accounts and 8.2% follow over 50 accounts: Additional information from the report showed promising results about Twitter’s Promoted Tweets product.  Overall user sentiment […]

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Pages That Display Tweet Buttons See 7x More Social Mentions

In a recent report released by BrightEdge, an enterprise SEO company, stats were released showing correlation between social buttons and social shares.  Data showed that pages that displayed the Tweet button saw 7 times more social media mentions than pages that didn’t feature the button.  This data was pulled from the “top 10,000 sites on […]

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Here’s What Twitter Should Do To Make Photo Galleries More Useful

I like the new user photo galleries that Twitter started rolling out yesterday. They’ll make photo search and discovery much easier, especially for those of us who’ve scattered our photo uploads across TwitPic, yFrog, Mobypicture and other photo services. But I’m also hoping that the product Twitter launched yesterday is a shell of what it’ll […]

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Twitter User Galleries Start Rolling Out Today

Twitter has begun rolling out User Galleries, a new feature that should make the process of searching (and finding) images shared on Twitter a lot easier. The galleries will show images — but not videos — that are shared on Twitter via many of the major photo upload/sharing tools, such as TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram and […]

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Twitter Rolling Out New Features To Highlight Activities & Interactions

When you typically think Twitter, you probably think about text based 140 character updates.  New improvements being rolled out geared towards spotlighting user activities and interactions may change this perception.  These very visual changes are very “Facebook-esque” in their appearance and could be very appealing to new, less-savvy users. The most dramatic change is a new “Activity” tab […]

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Ready Or Not, New Twitter Lands For All Users This Week

Nearly a year after its launch, the “new” Twitter interface will roll out to all users this week — whether they want it or not. The company tweeted this afternoon with a warning to those who’re still using the old Twitter interface: If you’re currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that […]

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Twitter Intros Ability To Target Promoted Tweets To Followers

As it continues to develop the advertising opportunities available on its service, Twitter is now allowing brands to target their promoted tweets to followers only. Like other promoted tweets, the messages appear at the top of users’ timelines upon login, and scroll down afterwards. They can also be dismissed immediately. The company announced the new […]


Twitter Search Gets “New Twitter” Look & Feel

For ages, Twitter has operated a standalone Twitter Search site in addition to allowing people to search from within Twitter.com itself. Today, that standalone site has gained a new location and been upgraded to match the Twitter.com search experience. Previously, Twitter Search was located at https://search.twitter.com. Now, that address leads to https://twitter.com/search, as tweeted by […]

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How Twitter’s Technical Infrastructure Issues Are Impacting Google Search Results

In the last few days, several noticed that the Google Toolbar PageRank value for www.twitter.com had plummeted to 0 (it’s now back to its previous 9). Was Google punishing Twitter for how things went down with the feed expiration that temporarily derailed Google’s Realtime search efforts? Nah, Twitter’s website has just been suffering from technical […]

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Twitter Is Being Investigated By The FTC

Business Insider broke the news today that the Federal Trade Commission is investigating Twitter apparently due acquisition tactics of applications. Twitter had begun offering “official” versions of apps by way of acquisition back in 2010 with some notable apps including Tweetie and TweetDeck. Entrepreneur Bill Gross had also started buying Twitter apps under a company named TweetUp. […]

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Obvious Corporation Re-Launched By Some Of Twitter Founders

Biz Stone is following in Evan Williams’ footsteps in stepping away from day-to-day operations at Twitter, joining with Williams and Jason Goldman, also a Blogger and Twitter veteran, to re-form The Obvious Corporation, the company that incubated Twitter. On his blog, Stone explained his departure: “…it has come to my attention that the Twitter crew […]

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Twitter Launches ‘Twitter For Newsrooms’ (#TfN) As A Resource For The Press

Twitter launched Twitter For Newsrooms, a detailed resource to help professionals in news, TV, sports and entertainment use Twitter effectively.   The guide is geared toward the novice to intermediate user and helps to standardize the use of Twitter.  Specific sections include: #Report #Engage #Publish #Extra The guide contains advice including: ways to properly brand yourself, recommended tools, […]

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Twitter Adds Automatic Shortening For URLs

Twitter announced a new feature allowing users to tweet easier and safer.  The official t.co Twitter shortener will now automatically shorten URLs right from the Tweet box when using the web version of Twitter.  The feature shortens links to 19 characters, and shows users a preview of the destination link. When a user’s link will […]

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Live Blog: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo At D9

Dick Costolo will be interviewed today by Walt Mossberg at the D Conference. Having survived another drive across the nearby Portuguese Bend landslide here in Palos Verdes, I stand ready to live blog. Let’s do this thing. Walt: Asking about the Pew study today with new stats on Twitter usage (see Pew: Twitter Usage Grows […]

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Pew: Twitter Usage Grows to 13% With African-Americans Leading Adoption

Thirteen percent of the U.S. online population now uses Twitter at least occasionally, according to new research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, marking a significant increase from the 8% previously measured in November 2010. Growth was especially strong among non-Hispanic Whites and those between 30 and 49 years old. Among online African-Americans, […]

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Twitter Intros Instant Follow Button

In a bid to increase its presence across the Web, Twitter today announced the “follow button,” a snippet of code that can be placed on any Web site that allows readers logged into Twitter to click and follow instantly. Previously, a Twitter user would have to click-through to the Web site’s Twitter.com page and click […]

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Twitter Buys TweetDeck, Promises To “Invest” In It

When rumors circulated in recent days that Twitter was about to buy Tweetdeck, there were red flags flying everywhere from people assuming that Twitter would buy the popular client software and then shut it down. Not so, says Twitter. In a blog post confirming the acquisition, Twitter promises that “we will continue to invest in […]

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New Twitter Home Page Emphasizes Interests

Twitter has launched a new home page design that the company says should be visible to all users now. Sure enough, I logged out and there it was. As you can see from the screenshot above, the new home page is less cluttered and instead focuses on a single statement: “Follow your interests.” Gone are […]

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Twitter Says Activity Levels Are Soaring

With the five-year anniversary of the first tweet approaching, Twitter says user activity is soaring. In a blog post that details tweet and account activity, Twitter says it’s “growing at a record pace.” Here are some of the details: Users are now sending one billion tweets per week. Over the last month, users posted an […]

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Twitter Putting Focus On SMBs For Ads Growth

Like Google before it Twitter hopes to tap the massive base of small and medium advertisers for ad-revenue growth. According to data in the Wall Street Journal, there are currently about 100 small advertisers using Twitter’s “promoted” ad products. By contrast there are “125 big brands” using the site to market their products or services. […]


On Twitter, Oscar Comes Up Short Against Super Bowl

Sunday night’s Academy Awards came close to matching the Super Bowl’s overall activity level on Twitter. But, like the Pittsburgh Steelers or The Social Network, it came up just a bit short in the end. Twitter says its users sent a total of 36.4 million tweets in a five-hour span Sunday beginning with the Oscars […]

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