LinkedIn unveils AI-powered tool that can create optimized ads in minutes

Accelerate campaign is a new feature designed to help marketers create optimized ads in under five minutes.

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LinkedIn has started rolling out a new tool that leverages AI to simplify ad creation.

The new feature, called Accelerate, has been designed to help advertisers execute optimized campaigns in Campaign Manager in under five minutes.

Why we care. LinkedIn’s Accelerate campaigns can help streamline the ad creation process, saving time and resources, while also enhancing ad performance through data-driven insights and optimization. These tools enable advertisers to create more effective and targeted campaigns, ultimately improving the return on investment

Getting started. If Accelerate is available in your market, log into Campaign Manager and then follow these simple steps:

  • Select your campaign objective and decide if you want to use Accelerate or LinkedIn’s classic experience to build your campaign.
  • Provide a URL for the product you’re advertising.
  • LinkedIn will then use AI to analyze the website you shared, your company’s LinkedIn Page and your account’s prior LinkedIn ads to recommend a campaign.
  • Using this customer data, LinkedIn will build creatives and an audience, allowing you to adjust copy, images and refine targeting parameters by adding inclusion and exclusions, like geography.

How it works. Accelerate uses AI models to autonomously adjust bids and shift budget to the best performing placements and creatives. The technology integrates multiple automation features, including Predictive Audiences, to dynamically refine campaign targeting and facilitate effective outreach to high-value consumers within the LinkedIn community of more than 950 million members.

Additional help. Advertisers can click on the “Assist” button to get recommendations to improve campaign performance. You can also ask questions directly to get insights into how to improve your campaign, such as:

  • Why was this budget recommended?
  • What are some best practices for targeting?

In addition, you will be able to connect to a live support agent for further support.

Testing. LinkedIn has confirmed that the Accelerate feature is currently only available in limited markets. The platform is testing the tool in English with a small group of B2B advertising agencies, including Brainlabs, Closed Loop, Lewis, Speedwork and WebFX in the US.

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What has LinkedIn said? A LinkedIn spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “For B2B marketers, creating campaigns that reach and influence the right buying committee is no easy task, especially when resources are tight. And creating campaigns can often take hours from developing creatives, to determining targeting, placement and bidding strategies.”
  • “We know that 84% of marketers believe artificial intelligence (AI) will support them with their work, and saving time in the campaign creation process is a great place to start.”
  • “Accelerate, builds on our other AI features, such as automated placement, which is delivering a 47% improvement in cost per conversion, and Predictive Audiences, which is improving cost per lead by 21%.”

Deep dive. Read LinkedIn’s Predictive Audiences guidelines for more information.

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