SearchBot upgraded with 13 new personas, AI image generation

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SearchBot – the first generative AI chatbot for search marketers – is now a suite of marketing generative AI tools.

You can now:

  • Access 13 new chatbot personas (each designed to meet a unique marketing use case).
  • Create images using generative AI.
  • Get prompt suggestions and tips.
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New persona-driven AI chatbots. You can try 13 pre-prompted “personas” that were created to provide help and generate marketing (or complete other generalized tasks – sales, revenue generation, MOps, HR, talent development, etc.):

  • PPC/SEM expert (campaigns, keyword buyer, copywriter, ad optimizer, remarketing)
  • On-page SEO (keyword researcher, link builder, local, content)
  • Technical SEO
  • Marketing manager (content, email, social, digital, events/tradeshows, app)
  • Marketing operations manager (MAP expert)
  • Social media manager
  • Business analyst / analytics expert
  • Productivity expert / motivational coach
  • Senior exec (CEO/CFO/COO, etc.)
  • Email marketing expert
  • Content marketing expert
  • AI expert
  • A snarky marketer who just might make you laugh

SearchBot image generator. You can also use SearchBot to generate AI images. This is powered with DALL-E 3.

It’s free. SearchBot is free but now will require registration. It remains in beta.

What is SearchBot. The arrival of SearchBot was announced in We turned Search Engine Land into a chatbot, May 31. Since then, SearchBot has had more than 15,000 sessions and nearly 4,000 chats with search marketers.

We also publish an editorial series called “Best of the bot,” featuring some interesting prompts and answers, along with an easy framework to understand how to get superior results from chatbots.

What we’re saying. If you’ve been struggling to find value in generative AI tools, this upgraded version of SearchBot is a game-changer for marketers.

  • “SearchBot was built as an experiment, but as it turns out, being able to ‘talk’ to Search Engine Land’s archive of thousands of articles is incredibly valuable,” said Marc Sirkin, EVP of Product and Technology at Third Door Media, parent company of Search Engine Land.

Help SearchBot improve. We’re looking at ways to improve the bot and welcome your feedback. Give SearchBot a shot. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Danny Goodwin
Danny Goodwin has been Managing Editor of Search Engine Land & Search Marketing Expo - SMX since 2022. He joined Search Engine Land in 2022 as Senior Editor. In addition to reporting on the latest search marketing news, he manages Search Engine Land’s SME (Subject Matter Expert) program. He also helps program U.S. SMX events.

Goodwin has been editing and writing about the latest developments and trends in search and digital marketing since 2007. He previously was Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal (from 2017 to 2022), managing editor of Momentology (from 2014-2016) and editor of Search Engine Watch (from 2007 to 2014). He has spoken at many major search conferences and virtual events, and has been sourced for his expertise by a wide range of publications and podcasts.

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