• dodonnell

    I find the title misleading. Sure, it’s a nice overview of 10 options within Adwords, but most have no direct influence on conversions. 

  • fitzgeraldalberto

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  • Jerry Nordstrom

    Sure these options do not seem to have a direct impact on conversions, however the more effective you are in automating the analysis of your data and the management of your campaigns the more likely you will achieve higher conversions.

    To further that point SEMs need to focus on how to use the automation tools Google is rolling out. Google is moving towards an advertising platform that is controlled by a variety of business rules and less individual tweeking. Currently this entails:

    Shared Library:
    + Audiences+ Campaign Negative keywords
    + Campaign Placement Exclusions

    Automated Business Rules:
    You can set up rules to perform many manual tasks.
    Automated Scheduling:
    + Turn off/on ads for time sensative promotions
    + Turn off/on ads by day of the week.

    Pausing Ads or Keywords that do not meet your KPIs
    + Pause low performing keywords based on your own KPI
    + Pause ads that have poor CTR
    + Pause Keywords that have a poor Quality score.

    Bids and Scheduling:
    + Adjust bids for keywords based on a KPI
    + Change bids to meet a desired ad position
    + Change bids to meet recommended top of page bid.
    + Change bids according to time of day

    Controlling Budgets and Cost
    + increase/decrease budget  or pause campaigns according to ad spend, clicks counts and or conversions.

    Our paid campaigns are becoming increasingly dynamic with time sensative promotions, targeted geo and demos. Trying to manage these campaigns and hit our KPI’s requires the effective use of business rules applied through features like Google’s automated rules.

    Many SEM’s already use advanced PPC management tools that help them adhere to business rules, however for those that have never experienced these tools it is time to start viewing your campaign structure as something that you control with Global settings and tweak with automated rules. Gone are the days of manually micro managing your paid campaigns.

    Master this and you will certainly increase your conversions… and have a profitable career in SEM.

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