• http://www.clearfind.co.uk Gav

    Thanks for this – do you think in terms of SEO and geo-targeting there is any discernible difference between serving cached content in a target country via a CDN as opposed to actually physically hosting that content in-country with a country specific ISP for instance?

  • http://uk.queryclick.com/ Chris Liversidge

    Hi Gav,

    No, there’s no benefit to physically hosting in the relevant content over CDN cache serving.

    Really, you should be looking agnostically at the relative speed performance of the different solutions regardless of if they are a CDN or locally hosted server.

    Of course, you should be looking at multiple countries for your marketing strategy, in which case going for local hosting in each location can turn out to be technically demanding to keep everything in synch for high data sites (like eComms), making CDNs more attractive.