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Chris Liversidge has over twelve years web development experience & is the founder of QueryClick Search Marketing, a UK agency specialising in SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies that deliver industry-leading ROI.

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Use Power BI to supercharge your SEO

Columnist Chris Liversidge explains how to take advantage of Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence) rollout to collect and analyze more data than ever before -- and find the SEO performance gaps you didn’t know about.


Mega Menus & SEO

What are the best practices surrounding mega menu navigation elements when it comes to SEO? Columnist Chris Liversidge lays it out.


The Great Chinese E-Commerce Gold Rush

China recently relaxed its regulations on allowing foreign companies to operate e-commerce businesses within the country. Columnist Chris Liversidge provides some advice and insights for businesses thinking of expanding into this new market.


Run Your Established SEO Like PPC & Maximise ROI Long-Term

The biggest SEO improvements available are often a more profound shift in strategy that continues to deliver improvement day after day for the entire duration of your SEO campaign. One such strategy is taking the same weekly approach to auditing your SEO strategy using search query reports as a PPC manager would.


Breaking Down Page Speed Events For SEO Gain

It's important to get clear the value of changes in terms of SEO impact before allocating in-demand tech time to work on fixes. To throw up just one example: if your page returns in less than one second what impact will fixing render-blocking CSS have on absolute page load times?


How To Massively Scale Ethical Link Building FTW

The linkbuilding toolkit is broader than most commentary suggests, and once the concept of quality and appropriateness (AKA relevancy) is truly embraced (and not just paid lip service to), then the dynamic, cutting edge solution to linkbuilding in 2014 is obvious: scale your processes that generate high quality targets and content opportunities for linkbuilding across the spectrum of all types of linkbuilding.


Showing Value In 2014: SEO Attribution Deep Dive

Carefully thought out campaign attribution can show your SEO campaign's true value to your business. Settling on a model which paints the least-wrong picture is your starting point, but pretty quickly you can make your model sing, providing real value and efficiency to your marketing budget blend.


Breaking The Mobile Speed Barrier For SEO Gold

2014 will offer a new killer SEO technique or two, it's my bet that leading the charge will be changes to the mobile SEO algorithm in Google. Or, more specifically, changes to the algorithm's sensitivity to your site render speed on a smartphone device.

Google Analytics

SEO Reporting To Shift Your Bottom Line

PPC & CRO are heavily report-driven and have excellent data visibility, and as a result are generally better understood to be a tool rather than an end in itself. SEO, however, has often fallen into the reporting-for-reporting's-sake trap and there have been some surprising stand-out reports that I think are generally underestimated by most SEOs.


Big Brand SEO & Penguin 2.0

Taking a broader look at Multinational SEO, though, throws up particular issues for the big brand sites out there, and I though that in light of the upcoming Penguin 2.0 update confirmed by Matt Cutts recently it would be useful to look at particular areas of concern for big site SEO and how to ensure you come out smiling when Google's planned updates take effect.

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