• Stephen Hall

    Great article, Sam. Really appreciate the reminder about keeping multiple keywords/search query data in mind when picking winners.

  • http://sozodesign.co.uk/ Christian Goodrich

    This is a really good article Sam, thank you. Crazy just how much depth there is with Adwords, and it’s so easy to just glance at the averages and make wrong assumptions from there. Thank you for highlighting the big pitfalls.

  • Richard McGowan

    Really enjoyed this, Sam. Segmenting has helped me find actionable insights countless times, and this article further shows that you can’t rely to heavily on surface-level data.

  • Sam Owen

    Thanks Richard!

  • Sam Owen

    Glancing at metrics is what makes people think our jobs are easier than they are. Thanks for commenting!

  • Sam Owen

    That is one I always forget about myself but it’s a game changer for ad groups with multiple click-getting keywords. Thanks for the comment!

  • WebMarketers

    Very well written Sam… Great info regarding segmentation.. I think a lot of us are guilt of segmenting the search network.. Just thinking display/search are the main differentiator in terms of network.

    Great stuff