• Mark

    “User experience” – lol. Never before has google search been so awful, let alone, so blatantly biased toward big brands.

  • http://www.miamirollsroyce.com/ Hoa Pham

    What tools are you using in the photos?

  • Nathan Safran

    Conductor Searchlight: http://www.conductor.com/searchlight

  • Christian Noel

    I agree with most of what you said. However, the keyword data that was taken away is still accessible via GWT, Ad Words Tool or any number of data modeling options to project what the missing Keyword data would be. Additionally, it isn’t like Google itself isn’t storing this data. I suspect they bring it back in the Enterprise version of GA and just make you pay for it the way they do Ad Words. So you can still (and should) piece it together. The fact is that page level performance without the keyword data in the mix at all is frankly squishy data to C-level types even if it makes sense to SEO Wonks (like most of the folks here). For the record, Google didn’t take that data away in the name of moving publishes to “content marketing” or “privacy” they did it to push more ads and drive more revenue for themselves. Its forced alot of pain to a ton of people.