• Drew Rigler

    Well said and agree with every point. Everyone wants in on the SEO game, but most don’t have the right equipment when they take the field. Either outdated info, the wrong expectations, or lack of a focused and effective budget to meet goals. For every SEO client that gets it, there are 10 more calling every day to check their rankings. It takes a synergy of expectations, goals and knowledge to work towards the ultimate goals of success online. Anyone who trusts their SEO to anyone without having any fundamental understanding is foolish and ultimately pay the price.

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    Thank you for this useful article. Nowadays, SEO and SMO strategies should be really implemented together. Veronique Duong

  • Joe

    Give me a an up vote if you’ve sat in a meeting and the boss asked you why this particular keyword isn’t #1 yet even though you acquire traffic from several hundred/thousand different keywords.

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    Amazing article, I really like Your point on a good seo person must first be an analyst, business developer and marketer. that is why I started my company rocket referral being a 15 year vet of the online marketing world. I’m always amazed when I get new clients who are charged outrageous amounts from other companies who don’t even optimize their front pages.

  • Custom Pages Jeremy
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    Nice article!! Thanks you for sharing useful information… Everybody must knows about the SEO factors.

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    SEO is an essential part of most business inbound marketing and sales. It is often the most profitable part. Thank you for writing this impressive article on the strategic/management part of SEO that does not always get the proper attention.

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    SEO is devalued. Still have many small business owners don’t understand SEO or trust SEO’s power. Your article made a great vote for our SEOs

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    I agree especially with #2. You have to know when to take a step back and let your team do what they are best at. No one person can do it all and do it all well and the best leaders pull together a team with the right combination of talents to get the job done.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/josephmaresca Joseph Maresca

    Oh Nick! Stop selling yourself short man. We all know you can do it all brother! ;)

  • Spook SEO

    Rather than saying being stuck in the past, I’d rather say not being able to cope up with the future. There are tons of business leaders who seemingly know important SEO ideas right now but are failing to learn the updates. With all the updates that Google is making (and yes there’s a lot of them), missing out even just a month or two worth of updates can make your knowledge about SEO obsolete.

  • gregory smith

    SEO and SMO (lol) are implemented together.. Where have you been these past 3 years?

  • Speedwell :D

    I’ve put “really” in my previous comment (because many entrepreneurs don’t do that …). I obviously know that they have to be implemented together.

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