• http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Ian, thanks for the tips and inspiration. The 24 hour cooling off period is great advice…I’ll have to try that :-)

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    Great points for content writing/topic tips…

    Since I write a ton of industry and how to related articles, blog posts, etc, I find that using real life situations is the easiest way to come up with article/post topics. But it does depend too on the audience. For instance, I generally write SEO/SEM for beginner and mid-level marketers and business owners. These are the folks that actually can really benefit from my writing and expertise. My personal writing style is that to provide 1 good “nugget” of information for my readers. I find that my readers just don’t have tons of time to read long winded posts (with tons of charts, graphs, etc.) so I put together posts that would be in a style that I would read myself…

    Anyway, that is my 2 cents and I appreciate your advice and tips as well!

    Take Care,

  • http://www.VerticalMeasures.com Arnie K

    Nice list Ian. I would also recommend looking at sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, etc. to see what stories are resonating in your industry. In fact sometimes I have even just hit Alltop an browsed the headlines to get some ideas. And don’t forget the answer sites. See what people are asking about and write an answer!

  • http://www.bridiestypingservices.com Bridie Jenner

    I absolutely agree about the video and podcast transcript – it’s amazing how many people have these on their site without a transcript available.

    Definitely a need for some SEO education on this point!

    I also agree with Arnie, Quora is a great place to get some inspiration.

  • http://uk.linkedin.com/in/davesealey David Sealey

    I simply wanted to say thank you for this post. I have three blogs that I write for plus the occassional LinkedIn Group article. Today I was having a major case of Blogger’s Block and this has given me a huge list of ideas to start with.



  • http://www.dresdner-rand.de randOM

    Thanks for a lot of inspiration.

    @point 4:

    That’s what is called Synchronisity (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synchronicity). Strange thing is, that I was communicating via FB yesterday about this topic. First time, that I used the term for a long time… Strange!

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    These are great points and thanks for sharing these!! I know here at Dydacomp we work with a number of small business owners who are looking for ways to add content to their sites! There is so much SEO opportunity for them so i will share this article with them!

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    What a great list! I’ve never thought of a FAQ, I’ll have to use that. Thanks for sharing!

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    I am new to this website and I am already happy I ended up here. This post was very helpful and it’s one that I will print out and use as a reference when I need to do some article writing. Thanks!

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    I just found your website and i think its awesome. So many good stuff i can hardly stop reading. Thank you so much, and especially for your content tips. Now, I am gonna try it! :D

  • RahulKuntala

    Wonderful tips Ian. I’ll try to follow when I get stuck!