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    These are basic and old even tough useful for all. Yes i
    regularly monitor these areas. These areas deserve some attention because they
    have impact on Search Engine.

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    Google Webmaster Tools is a good place for every website owner to start their SEO program. Does it have everything you could want and then some? No, but at the very least is shows you how Google views your website, what underlying issues there may be on your site that can hurt your SEO, and if you are suffering from a penalty.

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    Good thoughts on removing URLs. It needs to be understood that to remove a URL means to do so indefinitely. The same is so with the Disavow Tool. It’s definitely a wise idea to explore whether such links improve or impede your site from ranking in the SERPs.

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    No, the URL removed is not indefinite. By submitting the removed URL by using the feature “Fetch as Google” in your GWMT, you can index it at anytime.

    As such, Google index the removed URL after 90 days, if the URL persists on your site (server).

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    I’ve been an active user of Webmaster Tools for some time, mostly around keywords and sitemaps. Thanks to your article I’m inspired to experiment with structured data and the structured data markup helper. Thanks!

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    Apart from this i check “link to your site” section to check and confirm is there any new links and will check for it’s worthiness. This helps me to keep away from Penguin affect over my website.

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    Right, old but gold.

  • oliver

    Great post. The HTML improvements section is always a good place to start. Fixing duplicate Meta descriptions or long title tags can make a huge impact to your SEO campaign.

  • Larry Bloodworth

    Thanks for the post Susan. I have found Google’s Webmaster tools to be invaluable as well as the community forum. Keep up the great work and keep the great posts comming!

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    Webmaster tool is always important for SEO. If you know how to use it in a right way.

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    Awesome Post, #GWT is always Essential for SEO Webmaster. I really enjoyed your article, Thank You!!