• Pat Grady

    I like articles that can create more theories than they dispel (they broaden my thinking), this one’s a champ!

  • Brent Krueger

    Great post, thank you for compiling all of this information. It seems like Ad positions 4 through 6 seem to be the “sweet spot”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.d.whalen Terry D. Whalen

    Brent – if by sweet spot you mean that it is clear they convert better, then much agreed. hee hee…

  • Dylan

    “sweet spot” should be defined by your goal. Do you care about total revenue/conversions, or ROI/ROAS/Margin, or a combination of the two?

    If your goal is get as much conversions as possible at a CPA of $10, and if average impression pos 2.1 gives you 100 conversions at $9 CPA while avg impression pos 4.5 gives you 50 conversions at $7 CPA, then obviously the “sweet spot” will be pos 2.1 (assuming higher avg impression pos CPA > $10).

    So “sweet spot” is whatever bid leads you closest to your campaign goals.
    And on the most granular level, each keyword should have its “sweet spot”.

    And as far as conversion rate is concerned, there are two different observations: conversion rate is NOT influenced by position and conversion rate IS influenced by position. So we should look at our own data and see which one is true for our own account.