• http://www.infatex.com Mikhail Tuknov

    Thanks for sharing your predictions Eric!

  • http://www.linkbuildr.com L.T.

    Great post Eric and thanks for the tip on Yoast’s post on Godaddy…crazy interesting and everyone loves a good outing. I still remember when one of the spam engineer’s stated that Google will be “drastically changing the way they view links” in the near future, and I’m still waiting. I’m waiting for more of a change on anchor text weight as it is still out of hand.

  • W.M.

    Thanks for sharing Eric !

  • https://www.nouvoseo.co.il N.S.

    great mart tips! i really liked the QR Cookies – very creative.

  • http://francoispainchaud.com Francois Painchaud

    Good post, but most of these predictions could have been in the “predictions for 2011”, i.e. directory links, anchor texts, footer links. Cheers

  • http://www.facebook.com/SimpleInternetStrategies Eunice Coughlin

    Great predictions. I can’t believe people are still using directories as a back-linking technique. The one about anchor text is kind of shocking but it makes sense, anything that can be gamed should be out!

  • http://about.me/joy joy larkin

    Eric – As for Twitter links, I’ve actually had the opposite experience – especially for large database driven sites.

    The boost to Tweeted links isn’t the Twitter Web site, it’s the other sites online where Tweeted links are syndicated.

  • http://about.me/mmhemani Moosa Hemani

    Nice predictions but i might not agree with all of them… like you said the Anchor link has been devalued by search engine.. in my opinion this is not the case, i mean i do agree with the fact that anchor link value has been degraded in 2011 but saying that they have been kicked out completely or devalued will not be a correct statement in my opinion!

  • http://www.seochemist.com Oli

    You might want to do a little more research in to the exact devaluation of anchor text.

    I also think the part “Then came WordPress themes” is incorrect to some degree. If a theme creator creates a beautiful theme and thousands of people use it, they deserve the links. Of course if you are talking about the poor quality, minor changes, sold links slapped on teh bottom approach, yes that is way to spammy.


    I doubt footer links will be completely devalued. Even though it is generally a suspicious place to put an external link, it is still used by many to give editorial, meaningful credit in a way that is not entirely centred around manipulating search.

    I think directory links have taken a hit already this year, not as powerful as they once were that is for sure.

    I agree about people looking for ways to link in terms of what is more likely to give traffic over pinning all hopes on organic search results. Something i have been trying, trouble is certain sectors are a bit niche and search engines have the monopoly at the moment.

  • http://www.cyber-key.com/SocialSEO/ mjtaylor

    I, too, read Yoast’s interesting post. But I don’t agree that footer links will bite the dust this year. They are too valid as links – if you have captured my imagination and I have read through to the end of a page, it makes sense to offer me footer navigation that will keep me on the site. That makes those links, IMO, as valuable as any – it not a higher quality signal than other nav links. Indeed if they get clicked it’s a more reliable signal that the visitor actually read something of interest than the use of a left or right hand navigation menu.

    I do love your idea of more ‘vetted” lists – and I have been surprised that more folks haven’t jumped on the SEO tools from blekko! Great resource!

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    So could yo provide some effective link building tips?

    Zhou Ping

  • Andrei Cosmin

    Ok, social networks are the next big sh*t in SEO. So what? We can rig that game too.