• http://blog.mainstreethost.com Craig Kilgore

    I’m always looking for new/creative ways to improve local presence for my company and my clients. This is a solid post…

  • http://www.sonomacountyweb.com S.C.W.

    Excellent post! I have been in need of information such as this to bolster local client’s Places results. In regards to schema.org: probably never too soon to begin implementing for future positioning.

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    You’re right – there’s no real downside to implementing the protocol in advance. Certainly the same was true with Microformats, too — early adopters stood to benefit soonest when support launched for the markup, and Schema.org would operate similarly, I would expect.

    Actually, the more sites which follow a protocol like Schema.org, the more likely the search engines are to pay more attention to the information conveyed.

  • http://www.junbaranggan.com/+ Jun Baranggan

    Superb post! This is a very creative way of using images. Better than just the plain alt tag I suppose.

  • asiemon

    What if you have a local company with more than one location? Can you tag photos with multiple locations? Or tag some photos with one and others with the other? Does this dilute the relevance to those locations?

  • http://trypnotik.com Rick Ramos

    asiemon: I am working on a project with just that issue. We ended up creating a new page for each location and used images taken at each location on the individual pages. This way each image is relevant to it’s own location page.

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Rick is right. Wether to use multiple images representing multiple locations on the same site is similar to a question I get asked frequently — “is it better to have one website which includes multiple locations for a company, or is it better to have a separate website for each?”

    Google can effectively handle multiple locations on the same site. The key, as Rick describes, is to set up an individual page on the site which is dedicated to each location. As part of each of those profile pages for every location, the page could also include images which are optimized to further reinforce the particular location.

  • http://www.languageconnect.net Talha Fazlani

    You learn something new everyday and this is one example, I am very impressed.

    I will try and implement this in the coming future.