• http://www.danhorton.co.uk danhorton

    The post is so relevant to what I am doing at the moment it took the words right out of my mouth.

    When i’m not on the net, I feel I should be, when I am there are so many things to occupy my obsessive streak.

    I’m random by nature and although this sometimes causes problems with lack of attention to detail, it does mean you think of all concepts in different ways to others.

    Link building can be a sole destroying task,epecially if all you get is no thanks responses.

    Working for DaveN I don’t remember him asking about red bull at the interview, not that I need it really. Insomnia does have its plus points at times and the Net is a welcome friend at 3am in the morning.

    Sense of humour is essential I agree, I often laugh in the face of authority which is not always a good thing, but if you never challenge anything nothing will change.


  • http://www.kolbemarket.com BarbaraKB

    Wow. I am feeling quite vindicated today for all the time I spend with my passion: slow but sure link building for my clients’ sites. And your description of the *who* is spot on! I have to admit, I’ve noticed that “touch” of ADD and it’s been a bit disturbing for some of the other work I need to do (like send out reports and even invoices..!).

    Thanks for this!

  • http://www.trulybored.com gamermk

    Good Instincts would be another I’d add to the list. Basically, being able to walk the fine line between knowing when something is innovative and when something is too good to be true.

  • http://www.solaswebdesign.net/wordpress Miriam

    Wonderful article, Eric.

    Passion is something you can’t put a dollar value on. I have often wondered if we linkbuilders are the best when we are working on our own projects that we are the most fired up on. Of course, we give our all to our clients, but when you are personally (rather than financially) involved in a project that you care alot about, it does seem to give you that extra oomph. Does anyone else notice this?

  • http://www.kolbemarket.com BarbaraKB


    Perhaps that is why I have passed on numerous jobs ’cause I could not get too passionate about the site. At times, I even like the organization but the site had no goal or focus.

  • http://www.fatinfo.com billy

    The article makes the link building process oh so depressing. It really shouldn’t be, simply because there’s so many elements to link building that can help you switch up the process when you are bored. Just to point out whats out there includes link directories, articles submissions, blog creations, social network entries (ie squidoo, hubpages), link purchase through brokers, link from your own networks, forum signatures, coop networks, and did I miss any?

  • http://www.seo-web-consulting.com Valerie DiCarlo

    Thanks for this insightful article Eric!

    As I might’ve mentioned to you in the past, I also think musicians have some of those link builder qualities… and seem to make not only good SEOs, but good link builders! ;o)

    Best to you,
    Valerie DiCarlo

  • http://www.seoish.com feedthebot

    Eric great article, truly.
    Sorry Danny, I just couldn’t resist…

    What the perfect link builder looks like

  • http://www.oldschoolseo.com oldschoolseo

    feedthebot – Looks like you need some better hosting :-(

  • eric_ward

    feedthebot – I think I like your article more than my own. And though I know this might ruin people’s perception of me/LinkMoses, I have to agree with every one of your points.

    You wrote…

    “The perfect link builder smokes cigarettes…”
    (I smoked a pack a day for ten years, quit, then ran the Disney marathon. But the truth is I would love a smoke right now, and in my early days of link building the ashes used to burn my keyboard because I’d forget I was smoking…)

    “The perfect link builder drinks alcohol”
    (I thought this was a given? During epic linking work my preference is Vodka and Red Bull…)

    “The perfect link builder is shifty”
    (Yes, but not in a black hat way. It’s more of a ‘make a black hat tactic white’ kind of shifty…)

    “The perfect link builder is good looking”
    (Per my wife, http://www.ericward.com/ewkr.jpg )

    “The perfect link builder inspires”
    (Mostly pity, but yes…)

    “The perfect link builder does not work before noon”
    (Because we are too busy at the bank…)

    “The perfect link builder is a smart ass”
    (GOOD LOOKING smart-ass…)

  • http://seoish.com feedthebot

    Eric that was great,
    old school – what was the hosting comment about though… ?

  • http://www.USAEyes.org LasikExpert

    Yes, a good sense of humor is needed. I laughed out loud when I clicked on the “Link Week” link and received an Error 404, Page Not Found!

    Perhaps you will want to edit that particular link.

  • http://alexfiles.com alexfiles

    Although I’ve worked with online data since the early nineties myself, my perspective is significantly different from the link builder/ publicist’s. Your description gave me more insight into link building than I had before – thanks!

    Also, I think you’re absolutely correct that OCD and ADD are not necessarily antithetical. In fact, it’s been my experience that being a little ADD makes me a little OCD, because I’m just a little nervous that the ADD made me miss something…. ;-)

  • http://syndeomedia.googlepages.com/ Hans A. Koch

    A perfect link builder;

    I wake up in the morning I find an email describing all the link building that has gone on when I was sleeping last night.

    It’s exactly the type of links that I requested! ha.
    Full time linkers are the best.

  • http://www.thearticlewriter.com/blog/ MattK

    I feel the same way. It can be difficult to get things done, but when you finish what you started out doing, then the satisfaction is beautiful.

    Sometimes I do feel a bit ADD-ish when it comes to using the web.

  • http://www.blog.marketmou.com Patricia Skinner

    Hi Eric! Loved your post. I feel that you’re talking about me, so linking should be much easier for me than it is! I’ll just keep reading in the hope that I learn some more. Thanks.