• http://www.webimize.com/ mdmcginn

    After buying MCI, Worldcom said it needed to acquire Sprint to continue to compete against AT&T and Verizon. Well, it didn’t and it doesn’t. Verizon absorbed Worldcom and MCI. So I agree that mergers preserve competition, when they don’t prevent it.

  • highrockstudios

    Well put. Microsoft’s tactic seems so short-sighted, given the excessive regulatory laws that seem to be creeping across the Atlantic (just meaning that European courts seem hell-bent on persecuting companies providing a medium as if they were actual publishers). Having gone (existing rulings from US courts) & still going (unending rulings from european courts), it’s seems absurd for MS to pursue this position. Open Source = Open Markets = Open Internet. May the best search engine win…without regulatory interference. Microsoft, if you can beat Google’s algorithms, do it…but don’t ruin it for everyone and feed the juris-fodder just because they’ve decided they’re ready to take on your precious ‘enterprise’ level.