• http://www.alexcreativeconsulting.com borsodas

    nice to see the courts ruling in favor of the little guy… go obama!

    Just wanted to say i really respect and like your work. on sphinn: sadly I get frustrated with all the spammers and fakers and marketers in seo. I am embarrassed to say I’m in the industry, to my friends who are programmers/developers/designers, and look down on SEO. This is where some of my rebelliousness comes from. I am laying that down, I am not going to publish any articles on any exploits on seo sites I’ve found, I’m not gonna call out seo for the greyhat techniques which work. I’m going to write my big picture philosophy of good content vs. noise, that it be either artistic/creative, or useful/practical technology/information. That ultimately what we put on the web should be beneficial for society. not manipulative/deceiving.

  • Winooski

    Uh, sorry borsodas, but what does our President have to do with a member of the judicial branch who was in all probability recommended and approved long before the Obama administration took office? (Sorry to nitpick.)

    Barry: Re the AdSense Publisher himself, I’m curious why you didn’t mention that it was Aaron Greenspan, the originator of the precursor to Facebook at Harvard, and the plaintiff if an ongoing suit to get Google to stop considering “Facebook” as a trademark for the purposes of AdWords. It makes the AdSense suit seem like small potatoes, indeed.