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    I tried this about three weeks ago. I didn’t realize it was new. You just entered your phone number and they called you back in less than 10 seconds. The woman I spoke with, Cynthia M, seemed very knowledgeable, but couldn’t fix my problem. She kept the log and didn’t hand it off. Instead she found the answer and got back to me. The problem was probably not simple. It had to do with two accounts for the same user and delegate rights being mixed up. The directions were good and the problem was fixed within a few hours. I realize this sounds like I’m a Google employee or something, I’m not. I was just really impressed with the service, and happened to write down her name.

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    Do you have a phone number for adsense? Please share it, you can email me at David (@) shiffystudios.com – I have been trying to get in touch with them. They closed my account for no reason and owe me $xx,xxxx thanks!